Why Solid Timber Flooring Is A Durable And Timeless Choice For Any Interior Style?

Solid Timber Flooring Sydney

A timeless material that has enduring elegance, Solid Timber Flooring adds the warmth of wood and value to a design. Real wood is used as a flooring material for centuries, because of the ease it offers as well as numerous other reasons. The initial hardwood floors were constructed using rough-hewn lumber which was then hand-planed and sanded in order to make an even surface. They were typically laid directly on the dirt flooring. In the modern world, in the period of colonial rule, they benefited from the huge forests that were available to them making hardwood floors the primary material for covering floors of buildings and homes. 


As the technology developed and milling techniques improved, wood flooring became available, and eventually became the flooring option for homeowners. The introduction of millwork that was tongue and groove made hardwood flooring much simpler to install and resulted in an option that could be pre-levelled prior to installation which gave it a refined and uniform appearance and one that is what we have today.


Flooring made of hardwood was the most popular flooring up until the 1920s when cork flooring and linoleum were introduced. These new flooring options were easy to install and maintain, which made the real wood less appealing for a short period of time.


Nowadays, hardwood flooring and other kinds of wood flooring are more plentiful and well-known than ever before. In addition to being an extremely practical choice but it’s also stylish and timeless. Over the past 30 years, the style has taken away the carpeting in older homes, and then polished and sanded the older wood floors, and brought them back to their former glory. This is in itself an affirmation of the long-term durability and durability of these classic floorings.

Solid Wood Flooring Design Ideas

Since hardwood flooring is one of the most sought-after options for flooring. There are a variety of varieties of wood flooring styles and styles that are suitable for commercial and residential properties. We have a wide selection of flooring options made from wood that show the variety of flooring options homeowners can pick for the design of their homes. From the entryway to the living space to the kitchen, you’ll find room in your home that can be the perfect wood floor. Explore the nine flooring designs that we’re showing to give you some ideas to help you design your flooring.

1. Traditional Hardwoods

Traditional hardwoods have been a preferred option for flooring. They are durable and efficient, making them an ideal material for flooring all over the world. From the more commonly used species like oak and hickory to more sought-after woods like cherry and walnut, homeowners are looking to make an impact in their living spaces. Selecting the hardwood flooring option will make sure that your flooring will last for a long time to come. You can also finish it with sandpaper if it requires a touch-up.

group of tree species known as traditional hardwoods have been valued for their robust and resilient wood for many years. 
Known for their density, hardness, and durability to wear and tear, these species are most frequently found in temperate regions. 
These conventional hardwoods have been used for generations and are still in demand because of their power, toughness, and beauty.

2. Natural Tones

The most frequently asked question is which type of finish to choose. There are a variety of finishes available, between natural oils and hard wax oils and urethanes there are a variety of choices that each have their advantages and disadvantages. Natural oils can penetrate deeply into the wood and are extremely repairable however, they also require some maintenance. Hardwax oil is akin to organic oil, with the addition of a wax coating that remains on the floor of the floor, and offers additional protection. Urethane finishes can be the most durable, but they are also difficult to fix and can exhibit wear and wear and tear.


There are many ways to alter or improve the hue of solid wood floors from dark staining to white finishes Clear finish continues to be a sought-after and traditional option. The clear finish on this dining room flooring improves its natural appeal of planks. It is a classic finish that has been employed for centuries to guard the wood against staining and other wear-related issues.

3. Light Colored Ash Hardwoods

Ash is a natural light wood species, with a colouring that can range from creamy white to lighter grey-brown. The wood’s lightness makes it a great choice for contemporary interiors and can be used in areas with lots of light or open floor designs. In addition, Ash is extremely robust and is able to withstand heavy traffic areas.

4. Light Color Rustic Floors

These floors with a light colour provide the perfect combination of both! The light flooring creates an airy, bright atmosphere in the interior, and the rustic appearance of the wood adds texture as well as warmth to the space. No matter if you’re looking for traditional contemporary or rustic Solid Timber Flooring Sydney, there are more options and options available today than ever.


From species of wood to surface texture and the type of finish there is no limit on the options to design the perfect wood flooring. The choice of a solid wood floor is a classic choice that will be an investment that will pay off repeatedly throughout the lifetime of the flooring.


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