Why SMS Marketing Is Crucial for Brands Right Now

Why SMS Marketing Is Crucial for Brands Right Now

SMS will always be an effective tool for targeting customer communications at a reasonable price. In our earlier article, which also offered recommendations for developing a successful marketing strategy, the main advantages of SMS marketing were laid out. Although it was published a few years ago, we wanted to confirm that it was still an effective method of communicating with customers.

SMS marketing, to put it simply, occurs when businesses send text messages to customers who have opted in. Included are campaigns, promotions, news, order confirmation, company updates, and customer support.

SMS Marketing Metrics

SMS marketing is a great way to strengthen relationships with your customers, but for it to be effective, there are a few things to keep in mind. This is a more intimate route than email, so you must decide what to share and how frequently you send it. If you use this channel too much, you run the risk of losing some of your clients. On the other hand, if you know how to employ this marketing strategy, you may do so to boost customer loyalty to your brand.

Comparisons between SMS Gateway and email marketing’s most important KPIs are made.

Email marketing and SMS marketing are two of the most frequently used marketing campaign strategies. Although their performance can be gauged using the same metrics, the results are very different for each. So let’s look at this contrast in more detail while focusing on what can be evaluated with these techniques.

The average CTR is as follows: Facebook, the top spot in the SERPs, email marketing, and SMS marketing. SMS marketing generally has a higher success rate than emails. Considering that only 20% of their 98% open rate comes from emails. SMS marketing is a more direct method of contacting customers because recipients are alerted right away and text messages frequently have a higher likelihood of being read. Additionally, SMS Gateway Australia are frequently opened within 90 seconds of transmission compared to email open rates, which average 90 minutes.

Additionally, SMS marketing has a click-through rate that is 9,8% higher than any other digital communication channel. This is because SMS texts have a click-through rate of about 19% and are simpler to read. Of those who receive marketing emails, only 3.2% click on the links within them.

Click-Through Rate

Additionally, SMS marketing has a click-through rate that is 9,8% higher than any other digital communication channel. This is because SMS texts have a click-through rate of about 19% and are simpler to read. Just 3,2% of recipients click on the links in marketing emails because they become bored halfway through and the message is too long.


Because frequency SMS marketing campaigns are less common, your chances of being seen in your audience’s message inboxes are higher. Email is an overused marketing medium. The average office worker sends and receives 121 emails per day, for instance.


Less than 3% of SMS messages are considered spam, compared to roughly 85% of emails, as SMS marketing requires express opt-in.

Over 22 billion SMS are sent out daily, and the average person receives about 67 messages per day. Users instantly receive text notifications on their phones, as opposed to email alerts. Even though SMS marketing may seem like a no-brainer, customers must consent to hear from your company. When customers opt-in, marketers may offer them discounts to increase the size of the brand’s mobile audience.


Email marketing costs can vary greatly depending on your provider, list size, send frequency, and additional services. SMS advertising may end up costing much more than email campaigns or any other marketing strategy if the right methodology isn’t used. Each text message is sent through a cell phone provider, which charges exorbitant fees and hikes prices. However, one of the most affordable ways to simultaneously communicate with a large audience.

It’s critical to use SMS marketing to raise customer lifetime value (CLV) when calculating return on investment (ROI). The cost per acquisition of a client can be calculated by dividing marketing expenses by the total number of consumers attained.

Email marketing frequently provides a high return on investment because it has a low delivery cost and a large potential audience. Although many emails may be missed or ignored, this tactic is cost-effective for the clients. The length of an email subscription can be used to determine a subscriber’s lifetime value.


Consumers are 4.5% more likely to respond to brand SMS gateway messages than they are to emails. This is because the average person responds to a text message in 90 seconds and an email in about 90 minutes.


SMS marketing takes personalization to a whole new level. Businesses may also conduct surveys to find out more about the customer’s preferences and improve personalization in addition to including the customer’s name in the tailored message.

You can start conversations via SMS to increase CLV. 89% of consumers, according to Yotpo, would like to text with their preferred brand. This enhances the client experience and enables giving and receiving advice right now.

SMS Marketing

SMS marketing, on the other hand, enables companies to test their offers to customers who have opted in. Since SMS fosters connections between customers and brands, it is the most engaging channel. The lifetime value of an SMS user is calculated based on how long a client has been a subscriber to the SMS campaign.

The primary consideration in calculating customer lifetime value is client longevity. You could increase CLV by incorporating a few new strategies into your SMS marketing campaign.

Improving The Flow

SMS is a great tool for streamlining business processes. For instance, if some customers don’t frequently check their email inbox, sending another reminder might not be helpful. Sending a follow-up message to someone who did not open an earlier email can be done via SMS. Incorporate text messaging into your process if you want to promote repeat business.

Final Words

The excellent SMS marketing tool Guni helps you with your strategy.

You can create incredibly efficient and well-targeted SMS marketing campaigns with Guni. It offers the ability to apply precise filters and audience-specific segments, which will aid in audience definition. Additionally, you can make personalised content that will be distributed to the chosen recipients at the appropriate moment and location.

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