What is the average price of a lie detector test?

Wondering about the average cost of a lie detector test UK? Well, it typically ranges from £395 to £495. However, keep in mind that various factors influence these prices. Let’s break it down.

Location Matters: Where you plan to take the test plays a role in the cost. London, for instance, usually sees higher prices compared to other parts of the UK.

Types of Tests: Lie detector tests come in two main types: screening and diagnostic. Screening tests, designed for a quick truth assessment, are generally cheaper than more detailed diagnostic tests.

Examiner’s Experience: The examiner’s experience also affects the price. Seasoned professionals often charge higher fees for their services.

Factors Contributing to Price Variations: Several factors contribute to the varying prices of lie detector tests:

  • Equipment Costs: Polygraph machines are expensive to purchase and maintain, adding to the overall test cost.
  • Training Expenses: Examiners undergo extensive training, incurring additional costs.
  • Time Investment: Administering lie detector tests is time-consuming due to the need for thorough questioning and monitoring physiological responses.

Average Price Breakdown: Here’s a breakdown of the average prices for different types of lie detector tests in the UK:

  • Screening Test: £200 to £300
  • Diagnostic Test: £400 to £600

Additional Costs: Apart from the test itself, be prepared for potential extra expenses like travel, accommodation, and reporting fees.

Finding a Reliable Examiner: To find a reputable lie detector examiner:

  • Ask for Recommendations: Seek advice from friends, family, or colleagues.
  • Search Online: Numerous websites list UK lie detector examiners.
  • Contact the British Polygraph Society: They can provide a list of trustworthy examiners in your area.

Addressing Concerns: If you’re concerned about the cost, reach out to the examiner. Always ensure you get a written estimate before agreeing to the test.

Conclusion: While the average lie detector test price in the UK falls between £395 to £495, understanding the influencing factors is crucial. Prioritize communication with the examiner and obtain a written estimate to make informed decisions.

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