What is a tennis bracelet?

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A tennis bracelet is a beautiful piece of jewelry with a symmetrical pattern of gemstones like diamond, ruby or anything else. Usually the stones are similar in size, color, shape and clarity to keep the Diamond tennis bracelet consistent. This is a tennis bracelet specialty. Equally placed gemstones ensure a perfect and proportionate look.
At first it was known as a “linear diamond bracelet” because the diamonds were set in a linear structure. However, a famous incident later led to the bracelets becoming famous as “tennis diamond bracelets”. Let’s learn more about the accident.

Why is it called that?

It dates back to the 1987 US Open tennis tournament, when professional tennis player Chris Evert lost his bracelet. It was mid-match when she lost George Bedevi’s diamond bracelet. The game stopped when she and the entire team revealed their beloved bracelets. All the spectators – both in the stadium and on television – were research junkies.
The bracelet was later found in the court itself. Of course, the diamond bracelet broke while she was playing. This phenomenon became so common that the wristband became a household name on game nights. Later, jewelers made sure that the cufflinks were strong enough. As the incident happened during a major tournament and was seen by all, the diamond bracelet became an overnight sensation and gradually the demand for it increased.
Eventually, the diamond bracelet became famous as the diamond tennis bracelet and a popular jewelry choice.

Different settings of tennis bracelets


This is a setting where three or four prongs hold each diamond in the bracelet. This is the most common setting because it allows a lot of light to pass through the diamond and causes it to sparkle.


This setting features two thin rows of metal that hold the diamond together on either side. In this setting, the diamonds fit tightly together.

The edge

In this case, each stone is set in metal. The setting is watch-like in that the metal surrounds the stone. In the case of a semicircle, the metal is attached to both sides of the stone.
Most bracelets have a single row, row or ring of diamonds, but you can also stack two or three rows of stones.


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