What Does A Piling Company Do? How To Choose One?

Piling company

A piling company is a construction firm that provides piling and foundation solutions for various structures. Piling is drilling or driving deep columns, known as piles, into the ground to deliver structural support for buildings, bridges, offshore structures, etc.

These companies can understand a particular location’s soil and geological conditions and determine the appropriate piling technique to use. But how to choose a reliable piling company in Essex for your project? What can they do for you? Read to learn!

When Is Piling Used In Construction?

Knowing when you need piling for your construction project helps you know when to hire a piling company. That said, piling is a technique used in construction when the ground where a building or bridge is being built isn’t strong enough to hold the weight of the structure on its own.

Especially when it’s not very deep in the ground, piling is used to make a strong foundation for the building or bridge. When using piling, long columns called piles are put deep into the ground until they reach the solid rock. These piles hold up the part of the building or bridge that’s above the ground.

What Are Different Types Of Piling?

Piles can be categorised into various kinds based on their construction method, material, and shape. Most of the piling companies provide services for all the following types.

In Terms Of Construction method

  • Driven piles – Forced into the land by repeatedly hitting them with a heavy hammer. Driven piles are a very widespread pile type.
  • Bored piles — Created by drilling a pit in the ground and then interjecting the pile into the hole. Bored piles are often employed in places with soft soil or where there are underground obstructions.

In Terms Of Material

  • Concrete piles — Constructed of concrete and can be either precast or cast-in-place. Concrete piles are strong and long-lasting and can be utilised in many soil conditions.
  • Steel piles – Made of steel and can be either hot-rolled or welded. These piles are strong and can be utilised in many soil conditions.
  • Timber piles — Compiled from wood and are typically used in temporary structures or in sites with soft soil.
  • Composite piles — Made of a combination of materials, such as steel and concrete. Composite piles offer the strength and durability of concrete with the flexibility of steel.


In Terms Of Shape

  • H-piles — Have a cross-section that resembles the letter “H”. H-piles are strong and can be used in various soil conditions.
  • Cylindrical Piles — Their circular shape enables them to be driven into the ground either with a cap or without one, and they can be filled with a substance that becomes hard, like concrete.
  • Screw piles — Have a screw-shaped tip. Screw piles are used to penetrate soft soil and can be inaugurated without the usage of a pile driver.
  • Sheet Piles — These thin, interlocking sheets are driven into the ground to construct barriers or retaining walls against soil or water.

How To Choose A Piling Company?

Piling is indeed a tricky job that requires specialised attention. You should choose a piling company that is trustworthy and reliable for this task. These straightforward tips and tricks can help you select the right one.

Look For Experience.

Find a company that has done this kind of work before. Experience really matters in this special job. Find a firm in your area that can show you they’ve done identical projects successfully.

Check Their Equipment.

The tools they use are super necessary. Some companies rent tools when needed, while others have their own. It’s better if they have their own because it’s usually cheaper. Make sure they have the right tools for your job.

Make Sure They’re Registered.

Different places have different rules. Make sure the company follows the rules in your area. Look for companies that are approved by organisations like the British Drilling Association.

Ask About Guarantees.

This work is serious and has to be accomplished properly the first time. Lives and a lot of money are involved. So, make sure Southern Foundations Piling promises to do a good job.

Get Referrals.

When something is as important as piling, it’s good to hear from others who have used the company. Look for reviews or stories from other customers online if your client has a website, or ask previous clients who have used their services.

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