What Are The Benefits Of Using Punarnava Effervescent Tablets?


Punarnava (Boerhavia Diffusa) is a medicinal herb that has been used for a long time. It is a popular herb in India and the world. It is also known as Boerhaavia Diffusa, Punarnova, Vasedo, etc. There are many health benefits linked with the Punarnava herb. The word punarnava means it is also “renewer” which means it renews the body and revitalizes the body system. Basically, Punarnava is used in the decoction method. 

But in today’s world, the Punarnava effervescent tablets are getting famous. It is a convenient way to add Punarnava to your diet. Just drop Punarnava effervescent tablets in a glass of water and drop it. Punarnava effervescent tablets are based on the 3 D method- Drop, Dissolve & Drink.

What are Punarnava Effervescent Tablets?

With modernization, the world of medical systems is also upgrading. Punarnava Effervescent Tablets is a new way that adds a fizzy touch to the medicine. It is an interesting way to consume any herb or supplement. Effervescent Tablets are available for all kinds of natural herbs, Punarnava Effervescent Tablets is one of them. Basically, the reason for introducing the Punarnava Effervescent Tablets is, it increases the water quality in the body because we have to prepare a fizzy drink by dropping one Punarnava Effervescent Tablets in water. Moreover, it is a liquid form that is very easy to absorb by the body’s organs. When medicine or supplement is absorbed by the body rapidly, it is able to work more rapidly.

If you are thinking of adding Punarnava Effervescent Tablets to your diet for multiple health benefits, then you can find it easily on online or offline medicinal shops. Buy Punarnava Effervescent Tablets and start using them. For the correct dose, you can refer to the label or consult the healthcare professional.

Various Health Benefits Of Punarnava Effervescent Tablets.

The punarnava is a medicinal plant that offers many changes to the body and provides benefits to the body. Let’s know about the health benefits of Punarnava.

Beneficial for the liver: Punarnava has hepatoprotective and hepatic stimulative qualities that provide a health benefit to the liver and support liver problems. Basically, punarnava revitalizes the liver and cleanses it. If your liver is attacked by infection, punarnava fights the stressful part and boosts liver function and health. The regular use of herbs fights liver disorders like hepatitis, jaundice, iron deficiency anemia, anorexia, and sluggish liver. In addition, it is also good to increase the basic haemoglobin.

Beneficial in urinary tract infection: Punarnava is famous for its diuretic properties. Hence, it shows positive effects on urinary tract infection and prevents the body from serious problems. In addition, punarnava effervescent tablets also have antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and antispasmodic properties which soothe and lam the urinary tract and support in chronic and recurrent urinary tract infections, especially in the pregnancy period.

Beneficial in obesity: From the traditional time punarnava has been used for the weight management and obesity problem. Punarnava effervescent tablets are used as an ingredient in almost all herbal slimming formulations. It supports promoting urination without electrolytes or loss of potassium from the body. It wards off the unwanted product and fluid from the body in healthy ways, that is why it op most in slimming herbs. In addition, it also has mild laxatives that manage digestion as well for weight control and reduce obesity.

Beneficial in cardiac congestion: Well, punarnava is not a powerful herbal remedy for cardio health. But it works well with many other herbs like Terminalia Arjuna Bark powder and many more. Basically, it reduces the workload on the heart by reducing the edema. If you want to use punarnava for heart protection and heart health, then you need to go with the association of punarnava and other essential herbs.

Beneficial in kidney health: Puranava is an essential herb suggested by professionals for the protection of the kidney or to promote kidney health. As we discussed above, punarnava is good for urination. It helps the body to eliminate the excess body fluids, keep a healthy kidney function, at the same time, it also prevents the formation of kidney stones. This ayurvedic herb encourages kidney function and kidney health.

Beneficial in diabetes: Punarnava has the capacity to normalise the blood glucose level in the body. Hence, it is useful for a diabetes patient to lower their sugar level and increase their plasma insulin levels. In addition, the kidney also protects the kidney damaged by diabetes. A diabetic patient should try the punarnava effervescent tablets after consulting with a healthcare professional.

Beneficial in Arthritis: Punarnava Effervescent Tablets provide relief from arthritis by reducing joint pain and inflammation. The punarnava is anti-inflammatory in nature and reduces inflammation in the muscles and bones. It is ideal to use in the arthritis problem. Consuming and applying for it is good. You can prepare a paste by grinding herbs and applying it directly to the affected area.

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