Water Damage Restoration – Do’s and Dont’s

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Water damage can happen due to broken pipes, heavy rainfall, running taps, etc. This type of damage can cause structural issues in your home that can be irreversible.

Water leakage can further cause structural malfunctions in your home and lead to mold formation in certain places. So, you need to clean up the area properly to prevent mold growth after facing storm damage in your location.

However, you should hire a trusted restoration company to restore the water damage. They use modern technology and high-end equipment to clean up the affected areas to ensure you do not face mold development there.

They also disinfect the affected area and fix the broken walls and ceilings to ensure the safety of your loved ones.

If you are searching for trusted restoration companies in Los Angeles, then you should contact Water Damage Restoration Pro. Now, let us discuss the dos and don’ts of water damage restoration.

Water Damage Restoration – What you should do

If you end up hiring an inexperienced water damage service in your location, then you might face a lot of problems later. They can make mistakes because they lack knowledge and expertise.

Hence, you should research how to find a professional contractor in your area. If you are confused while choosing a water damage restoration company then you can contact us. We will assist you with skilled experts who can guide you with adequate information.

Let us know what you should do for water damage restoration.

  • Keep the water contained within the affected area as water might cause further damage to your property/home if allowed to enter all the spaces.
  • Try to remove as much standing water from the affected area with a mop or a towel.
  • Protect your furniture by wiping it with a cloth as water will damage the wooden items quickly.
  • You can also put a piece of foil under the furniture legs to avoid direct contact with water.
  • Protect furniture cushions and pillows.
  • Try to remove the rugs from the floor as they might get damaged if they stay in the water for a long time.
  • You should turn on the ventilation system to dry out the area.
  • You should shift all the wooden or metal artwork and decorative items to a safe place that is not affected by water damage.
  • You can open the doors of cupboards and closet doors to facilitate airflow to that area.
  • Do not keep wet fabrics in your home. Dry them in sun or discard them if they are damaged. If you keep these wet items in your home, then it will create a foul smell in your home.
  • Dry the wet leather items to protect them from water damage.

Water Damage Restoration – What you should not do

  • You should not use your vacuum cleaner to remove standing water.
  • Avoid wiping the wet floor with newspaper as it will be tough to remove them later.
  • If there is any electrical damage in any portion of your home, then you should not enter that area.
  • Avoid entering areas that have structural malfunctions.
  • If you have tacked-down carpets, then try not to lift them off. Ask professionals to fix these carpets while restoring your home from water damage.
  • Do not hire an inexperienced water damage restoration company in your location.
  • Do not clear sewage water yourself.
  • Avoid holding or touching any electrical appliances while standing on a wet floor or carpet.


Plumbing issues can cause water leakage and mold formation in your home. Also, you might notice an unpleasant smell in your home due to clogged drains. This might cause an uncomfortable atmosphere in your home that you may not like.

So, inspect the water fixtures and call the plumbing emergency immediately to fix the issues as soon as possible. You can call professional water damage restoration services in your location to get your plumbing issues fixed.

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