Understanding Hair Extensions

hair extensions

Without having to wait months or even years, you can get the length, volume, and style you’ve always wanted with hair extensions! 

For sew-in extensions, your natural hair is braided down to the scalp in cornrows. But a portion of hair is left out to cover the tracks at the top, commonly referred to as leave out. Tracks of hair are then hand-sewn onto the braids, leaving most of the natural hair completely concealed.

Hair extensions can be applied on your own at home with the right methods of installation and care instructions.


Whether you want to add length or volume to your hair, using extensions can be a simple and effective solution. In this post, we’ll show you how to easily apply for hair extensions at home with helpful hints and tips. 

The Basics 

Before Performing Any Action, In essence, hair extensions lengthen and volumize your natural hair. They can be pre-tipped wefts or i-tip strands that require beads or keratin bonds to be attached to each other. As a result, they blend in much more seamlessly with your natural hair than traditional wigs or pieces.

Choose wisely

Make an educated decision when shopping for hair extensions. When choosing a type of extension, think about the cost, the quality (human vs. synthetic), and how easy it is to apply, depending on which method you are most comfortable with.


Keep in mind that while micro-links typically deliver superior results, their installation may necessitate the assistance of a professional and may result in a significant cost increase over time if regularly maintained. 


However, tape-ins may offer longer-lasting hold but won’t look as natural due to bead tracks being clearly visible after some time has passed since their installation, whereas this method typically lasts up to four months without the need for reattachment.

Decided on the Type of Extension That’s Right for You, Preparation is Crucial! 

Before inserting any new additions into the scalp, it is essential to ensure that both sides of the sectioned areas where the links will attach have been thoroughly washed, dried, and brushed out.

Hair Extension Installation 

Although it will take some extra time to prepare your natural hair before attaching any extensions, this important step should never be skipped because failing to do so could cause damage in the short and long term.


In addition, this provides a solid foundation link while also allowing the base to become strong enough to bear weight without breaking or damaging roots, resulting in additional issues down the road.

How to Install Your Hair Extensions: 


1) Section the hair you want to use the extensions on.


2) Attach the hair extensions to your scalp by clipping them in.


3) Brush and style your hair as usual.


4) If necessary, spray some hairspray on the extensions to keep them in place.


It’s over! Now that your hair is fuller, you can enjoy it.


Top Five Things To Think About Before Buying A Hair Extension 

In the past, many people thought it was a big deal to wear a wig because of the taboos surrounding it. As times have changed, more and more people are talking about baldness, fake hair, and the myths that go along with it. 


The use of weft hair extensions has evolved into more of a fashion statement than a necessity. Some people who want long, dyed hair are willing to spend money on it, as are those with shorter hair who already own it. 


The fact that the new-age extensions do not resemble synthetic hair is their best feature of them. No one will be able to tell whether you are wearing extensions or your natural hair because of how much better they are made. 


The key, however, is to purchase the appropriate hair extension. 


For that reason, you need to keep these simple things in mind:


Check out all the different kinds. 

Clip-ins are the most common. They are simple to put on, take off, clean, and take care of. However, there are additional options as well, including glue-in extensions, tape-ins, sew-ins, and hot/cold bonds. Users prefer the tape extensions more than the clip-ins because they provide good layering directly beneath the crown. 


Choosing the color of your fake locks is very important if you want your extensions to look natural. The extremely light shade will blend in with your natural hair if you have black hair (home remedies for natural black hair). Choose extensions whose ends or roots match your hair. 

Do Not Give Up on Quality

 Although synthetic hair extensions are so inexpensive, you should be aware that they require a lot of upkeep before purchasing them. The majority of cheap synthetic extensions will break from the clip when you try to untangle them, causing the item to be destroyed as a whole. Synthetic extensions are extremely easy to get tangled. 

You Can Personalize Your Extension 

If others can see that you are wearing extensions, why bother learning how to make them? Almost everyone has purchased a costly, high-quality extension only to find that it doesn’t fit their needs.


This is because you need to make them a little more unique. Set your iron to the lowest setting and lightly curl your extensions to match the movement of your natural hair if your hair is wavy and your extensions are straight. 


In the same way, if you want the extension to appear more natural, don’t be afraid to trim or color it a little bit with the help of an expert.


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