Unbelievable Secrets Revealed: Costco Gas Station Hours and Prices Unveiled!


Are you curious about Costco Gas Station Hours and Prices?

Costco is one of the most well-known retail chains in the United States, boasting customers across the globe. With nearly 500 locations across the country, what better way to save money than by patronizing this renowned membership club!

Costco Gas Station Hours and Prices can be a real surprise – they’re not what you might expect from other gas stations! Don’t let that prevent you from utilizing these savings opportunities; it’s time to explore all that Costco has to offer!


What Time do Costco Gas Stations Open and Close?


Like most traditional retail establishments, Costco gas stations are also generally open from early morning to well into the night. Opening hours vary by location; however, generally speaking they range from 6am – 11pm each day!

Costco’s 24-hour stores do not follow this time period rigorously. Instead, these locations remain open 24/7 for those seeking an extended shopping experience.

Are you eager to find out what time Costco gas stations in your area open and close? Take a peek at our map of the US to get an idea of when others store’s hours may vary!


When Does a Costco Gas Station Close?


Costco gas stations typically close at midnight on any given day. However, if it turns out the store is hosting an event – such as a holiday celebration or special outlet sale – then those hours may be adjusted slightly in order to accommodate patrons’ needs!

Costco gas stations are open every day of operation, so don’t forget that they are here for your convenience!


How Many Costco Gas Stations Are There?


At present, there are more than 1,600 Costco gas stations across the United States. This impressive figure is comprised of over 690 locations in California alone – that’s nearly three out of every five locations!

While Costco’s dominance in the market for gas stations continues to expand – it has also recently embarked on establishing a partnership with Murphy Express, and as such will soon-to-be offer filling-up services at certain locations too!

Costco currently operates approximately 900 retail stores across America offering a wide selection of products from its own store brand, Kirkland Signature; however, they don’t limit themselves solely within this realm. In fact, they bring their expertise into selling high-quality goods at affordable prices – ensuring that everyone can enjoy the convenience of purchasing quality merchandise without breaking the bank!

To put those numbers in context, it is estimated that Costco currently boasts a whopping 2 million members within the United States alone!


What Days Does a Costco Gas Station Open Early?


Costco’s gas stations are situated on six continents, allowing for a plethora of opening hours throughout the week. If you’re planning on visiting during peak travel season, expect longer wait times and additional fees – but don’t fret! You can utilize their app to locate locations and plan accordingly.

On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday night, Costco’s gas station will be open an hour early at 6:00 am before its regular Tuesday through Saturday schedule commences at 7:30 am; while on Sunday mornings (starting at 5:00am) they’ll provide another opportunity for consumers eager to stock up on fuel before resuming their travels.


What Days Does a Costco Gas Station Open Late?


Like any other retail establishment, all Costco gas stations offer extended hours on weekdays and Saturday.

You will find that some locations are open 24/7, offering convenience for those who need to fuel up during their overnight stay – but do not forget about their other facilities! By visiting one of these two-day options at the warehouse club locations, you can save big; just be sure to stock up before heading out!


Can You Get a Discount at a Costco Gas Station?


The organization is highly valued among consumers, which means that they are well aware of its practices and policies regarding discounts. Costco charges a flat $1.50 per gallon for all of its self-service pumps – no need to worry about any special offers!

This is an extraordinary deal when compared with other gas stations; however, it does not seem like it is possible to obtain any sort of waiver or reductions on these prices. Even if you’re using your Costco membership card… you’ll still be charged the same amount!

Luckily there are numerous ways in which you can save at Costco gas station locations across the United States.


Costco Billing Address vs. Location of Their Gas Station


Costco’s billing address is their corporate headquarters: 8250 NW 112th Street, Grosse Pointe Park, Michigan 48226. This location can be found on the Costco site under Contact Us – Locations.

Costco gas station hours are typically from 6am through 9pm from Sunday to Thursday and from 6am through 10pm from Friday to Saturday.

The Bottom Line on Costco Gas Stations


Like any other significant expense, it’s all about finding the right deal. If you’re considering Costco just for fuel, be certain to check its prices against others around town.

Costco has been offering competitive gasoline rates since its inception; however, that hasn’t always been the case. During the early years of operation, gas stations in Seattle experienced a price hike from $1.15 to $1.45 per gallon. In response to this anomaly, Costco opened its doors in 2012 with an introductory promotion offering sales on select products – but if consumers still harp on those higher costs compared with other locations within the area then they could patronize their establishment for a reduced rate!



Although gas stations can be found throughout the city, it’s best to remain alert and in possession of this knowledge at all times. You never know when you’ll find yourself in a situation where it could come in handy – so remember!

When you’re on the go and running low on gas, don’t delay in making your way to Costco’s Gas Station for its reliable prices and extended hours of operation.

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