Types Of Essential Oils That Work Best For Allergies

Essential oils work great as natural remedies for almost all types of allergies. For as long as anyone can remember, till today, we have used these products therapeutically for various health concerns. A good amount …

Peppermint oil

Essential oils work great as natural remedies for almost all types of allergies. For as long as anyone can remember, till today, we have used these products therapeutically for various health concerns. A good amount of data shows that allergies are one of the most causes of chronic illnesses in the United States. Almost a total of 50 million people are affected by it. Usually, allergies are a lifelong health concern with no permanent solution to its end. Essential oils also work effectively for seasonal allergies such as sneezing, wheezing, stuffy nose, or watery eyes. Even for skin allergies that may cause itching, swelling, or any redness, essential oils work effectively.

However, you have to be careful, and it is better to consult your doctor before deciding to apply.

Let’s look at some of the fantastic types of essential oils that can bring positive outcomes for allergies: 


Peppermint works great in healing inflammation, reducing it to a considerable extent. By diffusing the oil or after dilution applying it to the skin alongside a carrier oil. It will help you breathe easier. You can mix peppermint with lemon oils or with Lavender to attain relief from some allergic reaction. Although with a combination of oils, there is a chance of some reverse reactions. For example, after applying citrus oils, you can become a bit sun-sensitive.  


If you are looking for some aromatherapy to boost your energy levels and alertness, you should choose citrus-scented essential oils. The lemon essential oil will help you clear the sinuses and even reduce congestion and other common symptoms of seasonal allergies.

However, while using citrus-scented oils, try to protect yourself from too much sunlight. Interestingly, the oil can even aid in lifting the mood, and application on the skin can significantly lessen the allergy symptoms.


Among the different types of essential oils, Lavender is a fantastic product to help you relax and sleep. Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, it brings down the redness and also behaves as a natural hydrator for repairing intense dry skin. Since it is a multipurpose oil, it also balances out the moisture levels in the skin. And you wouldn’t have to worry about it being too greasy.

Risks Of Using Essential Oils The Wrong Way

We couldn’t ignore the fact that the wrong usage of essential oils can result in a specific health risk. Therefore, it is advisable to use essential oils in a proper amount and with the correct combination. Suppose you want to avoid any adverse outcomes. Especially if you have sensitive skin, use them only as directed. 

Don’t forget the following points when it comes to applying essential oils:

·Stay Cautious: With certain essential oils, you can end up facing allergic reactions when you use them the first time. Run a patch test before deciding on using one. Apply the mixture of essential and carrier oil on unbroken skin. If no reaction occurs within the next 24 hours, the oil is safe to use. Repeat the same process with every essential oil.

·Avoid Direct Application: No one should ever apply concentrated oil directly on the skin. You have to mix them with a suitable carrier oil to avoid any skin reaction.

·Buy Quality: Don’t buy essential oils from any place. Buy from a reliable store or ingredient distributors such as KJ Ingredients.

Best Carrier Oils For Different Types Of Essential Oils

We all know that it is vital to use Carrier Oils with Essential oils because direct usage of essential oils is too strong, can cause skin irritation, and is not safe. 

On the contrary, carrier oils don’t leave a strong smell that turns them into a perfect partner to be mixed with the former component. They evaporate at a relatively faster pace while offering a concentrated, potent aroma. Due to the fantastic medicinal properties of essential oils, they are pretty effective to utilize. Also, you can vary the quantity to lower down or increase its ratio to attain a suitable solution.

When we talk about carrier oils, they consist of remarkable therapeutic properties due to their natural nutrients and essential fatty acids. It also helps in increasing the oil’s shelf-life. It is to note that you should know the right pairing of essential and carrier oils for beneficial outcomes. If you think any oil from your kitchen will do the trick of mixing well with essential oil. You’re mistaken because baby oil or mineral and even petroleum-based oil do not contain any substances that can improve the effectiveness of essential oils.

Let’s look at some of the most fantastic carrier oils that you can use with different types of essential oils for noticeable results:

Coconut Oil

Certainly, Coconut Oil is one of the most widely used carrier oils to dilute essential oils. Coconut oil comes from the coconut tree, overflowing with natural antioxidants. They possess unique abilities such as it is anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antifungal. It does wonders in offering – nourishment to the nails and skin.

Moreover, due to the presence of lauric acid, you can enjoy a good shelf-life too. It is capable of providing deep nourishment and moisturization to dehydrated skin. With coconut oils, you can also make homemade balms or creams that not only smell amazing but works great too.

If you don’t want the smell at all, you can go for fractionated coconut oil that stays liquid at room temperature.

Olive Oil

Oil Olives comes from the fruit of the olive oil tree. Apart from cooking and making food, olive oil consists of numerous health benefits too. Due to the availability of Oleic acid, when you use it as cooking oil, it works terrific for your cardiovascular system, lowers bad cholesterol (LDL), and increases the good cholesterol (HDL). Since it is anti-inflammatory, it plays a significant role in reducing the resistance to insulin.

With a fruity smell and lightweight, it does not overpower your senses when you mix it with any essential oil. Moreover, because it is non-greasy, you can use it for your hair and skin. It doesn’t clog pores or make your hair greasy—an excellent solution for frizzy hair, dry skin, and dandruff.

Hemp Seed Oil

Hemp Seed is obtained from the Cannabis Sativa plant and does offer some incredible health benefits. It is highly anti-inflammatory due to linoleic and alpha-linolenic acids. Due to its antioxidant properties, it works amazingly in aiding skin cell regeneration and prevent premature aging.

It is not greasy, making it ideal to use on oily skin and even for full-body massages. It works as a pain reliever therefore known as a natural analgesic. If you have any muscle or joint pain, mix it with any essential oils containing analgesic properties (such as lavender essential oil or peppermint essential oil) to remove any discomfort.


Essential oils are remarkably beneficial for allergies and all skin types. With the combination of the right carrier oil, they can help you get rid of every skin-related concern. You can even use them in every season and continue to see excellent, noteworthy results.

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