Turkey 2023 Travel Guide: When to Visit for the Perfect Experience


Thinking of going on an international holiday trip? How about Turkey, the capital country of the world, and the cultural mix of Asia and Europe? Turkey is also considered a budget-friendly travel destination packed full of British tourists looking for a fun and adventurous holiday. Also, it is the 37th largest country in the ws world. And because of its size, the weather is diverse throughout the country, one part of the country might feel extremely hot while the other is cold like the winters. Even though Turkey is a late summer destination specified how cold it can be, Turkey can be visited any time of the year depending upon your interest. Still one can plan their trip according to their preferences based on month-wise segregation given below. 

Temperature in Turkey

Travel Season Minimum-Maximum Temperature
March to May 10-27°C
June to August  28-48°C
September to November 12-29°C
December to February 3-16°C

Visiting Turkey according to the Season

Spring (March to May)

April and May are the major months that bring spring around you. The crowd in this season is lower than the peak tourist season in summer. It is an ideal time to witness the tulips of Istanbul blooming throughout the city’s park and garden. It is also an optimal time for hiking in Turkey with lovely nature and pleasant temperatures. Also, it is the best time to explore all the ancient places to visit in Turkey.

Reasons to visit in Spring: If you visit Turkey in the Spring season you can witness the celebration of Canakkale Victory and Martyr’s Day held on 18th March to give honor to the heroes of Canakkale who fought to protect their country against all odds. The annual Tulip festival, which is considered the biggest festival in the world, is celebrated in Istanbul in the month of April and the entire May. Writers, actors, and directors from all over the world visit Turkey to enjoy this festival. 

Ephesus Festival of Color and Art is celebrated in the first week of May. Some other festivals are also celebrated in Turkey during the spring season like the Mesir Macunu Festival, an ancient festival celebrated in Aegean provinces on 21st March. Also, most of the outdoor activities can be enjoyed during Autumn and hence it is the best time to visit in Turkey.

In Summer (June to August)

June to August is the peak summer season in Turkey making it an ideal time for all beach-related activities. It is a good time to explore mountainous regions in the north which are not accessible during the winter due to heavy snow. You can also go hiking in summer without worrying about the rain. But it is the peak tourist season, making it crowded and hotels expensive. Also, the hot temperature makes it difficult to explore ancient places. 

Reasons to visit in Summer: The Cappadox festival is celebrated in June and is considered the biggest festival of Cappadocia. Overall 140 events are hosted that focus on music, culture, and food. Chill Out festival is celebrated in Istanbul, Cesme, and Bodrum every summer. It showcases workshops, music, and many other activities. You can also hear classical music at the Istanbul International Music Festival, or witness the local culture at Kas Lycia Festival. And if you want to truly enjoy beaches and numerous water activities then you should go to Turkey in summer. 

In Autumn (September to November)

Turkey is stunning in the Autumn season. You will not witness crowds in Autumn and hotels are less expensive in this season. The days get shorter and cooler but you can still swim till mid-October as the sea temperature remains warm. You can also explore the Patara Beach tourist attraction in Turkey and it is a great sight in Autumn. And during the Autumn colors of red, white, and yellow present a breathtaking landscape.

Reasons to visit in Autumn: People celebrate the Bozcaada Vintage Festival, a grape festival on the island of Bozcaada. One of the most prestigious contemporary art festivals, the International Istanbul Biennial is celebrated during the month of September. A festival called Goreme Food Festival is held to educate the youth about organic farming and food culture to give insights into their heritage. Republic Day is celebrated on the 29th of October, with fireworks, parades, and speeches. 

A two-week-long Akbank International Jazz festival is also celebrated in Autumn. Last but not least the only marathon in the world that transcends two continents ends in Turkey on 3rd November. And if you want to visit the Bosphorus Cruise tourist attraction in Turkey to watch dolphins crushing on the river you should definitely go in mid-September and meet friendly marine animals. This place is also included in most of the Turkey Tour Packages. 

Winter (December to February)

Winter offers a different experience for tourists. You can enjoy snowfall in Turkey. You can go to Kartalkaya in Koroglu Mountain for skiing. Turkey tours are low during the winter. Also, the crowd in winter is less, making it more enjoyable. You can witness Turkey’s natural beauty during winter. But the temperature is very low making it risky to visit in winter. If you are resistant to cold it is not advisable to visit Turkey in winter. Some tourist attractions in Turkey experience temperatures in the negative, making it impossible to visit. 

Reasons to visit in winter: Ten-day annual event of the Mevlan and Whirling Dervish Festival is celebrated during winter. The Rumi festival brings with it a chance to showcase the dance of whirling dervishes, an actual form of meditation. These performances are shown in the elaborate mosque of Istanbul and sporadic once on the streets of Istanbul. Christman is not celebrated in the city as most of the population practice Islam. New Year is celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm, and many restaurants host parties. Most of the Orthodox churches follow the Julian calendar and celebrate Christmas in the month of January. 

Things to keep in mind before going to Turkey


  • Make a checklist of places you are going to visit and always check the weather before going to a place. 
  • Learn a few Turkish words as people in Turkey are not very familiar with English. It will be easier for you to converse with local people. 
  • There are cheap to expensive places to stay in Turkey, so choose wisely.
  • It is advisable to dress decently in Turkey. You can wear Western attire but don’t engage the social customs regarding clothing. Especially cover your head if you are visiting a mosque or a conservative area. 
  • If you are visiting Turkey in winter make sure you carry layers of clothes as the temperature can go very low.
  • The locals may try to charge you high during the peak season, therefore ensure you have haggling skills.
  • Always apply for the visa well in advance. 
  • If you are traveling to Turkey in summer stay hydrated as the temperature is very high during summer. 
  • If you are going to Turkey for shopping then go in the month of December and January around Christmas and New Year. 

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