Top Websites to Download Free Fonts

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If you want to download free fonts online, then we have a solution for you. You can browse certain websites that offer you downloading free fonts and also faster downloads.

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Font Space

You can get over 100,000 fonts available in TrueType and OpenType flavors on this website. It is a useful website to download free fonts. You can get a range of categories that make it convenient to search and download fonts. You can get fonts for a particular occasion also.

Over 2000 designers supply fonts to this website that are labeled on the website. Hence, you can clearly identify if the fonts can be used for commercial use or not.


FontM does not have the biggest collection of fonts. However, the selection of free fonts is neatly organized on this site. You can get categories of fonts that are available for free download. They also offer a few in-house designs for the users.


This site offers you a wide range of free fonts that you can download with some freebies. You can use the dropdown button to search for free fonts and thus can find available free fonts.


DaFont has an impressive range of free fonts including novelty fonts. You can get fonts from medieval to sci-fi, and even novelty fonts like the Pac-Man font.

You can browse fonts alphabetically or by their style, designer, or popularity.

Google Fonts

Google Fonts is a convenient way to download free fonts.

It makes it easy and quick for everyone to download and use free fonts on its site. you can also customize your fonts as per your requirements. Also, you can collaborate with the original designer to modify the fonts.

Creative Market

It is an online marketplace that offers you community-generated designs. They add a range of free fonts every week that are available for a limited time. You can unlock more fonts by making quality purchases from them.


Fontasy has over 1,100 fonts that can be downloaded for free. They offer you a range of styles and an amazing browsing experience. If you want to use these fonts commercially, then you have to contact the designer.


FontStruct offers you free font download. Users can create ‘FontStructions’ with the help of the ‘FontStructor’ editor. They can share once they finish up so that others do not face any difficulties in downloading their fonts. You can get a lot of options for fonts here. They also add new ones every day.

They offer you a range of high-quality fonts that you can use on Windows and Mac.


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