Top Reasons for Choosing to Live in Off Campus Apartments

VSU off campus housing

Before the start of a brand new school year, you have to decide whether you want to stay at the college dorm or move off campus. While both of these options have their distinctive pros and cons, with the advent of spacious and feature-packed VSU off campus apartments and similar facilities, an increasing number of students are opting to experience a bit of adventure beyond residence living. The decision to live in an off campus apartment comes with a wide range of advantages, including:

Better Privacy

Privacy can be hard to come by in an off campus home. Many dorms have communal bathrooms, and may require students to share a tiny room with one or more roommates.

While this may seem like a good way to bond and get to know your peers in the beginning, but can eventually become frustrating in the long run.

Off campus apartments provide students with much-needed space and privacy. Students who require a calmer environment to concentrate on their studies can especially find off campus living more attractive than dorm rooms. Moreover, at these apartments, each student will have their bedroom and bathroom, which is a huge advantage.

More Peace And Quiet

College dorms can be noisy, no matter whether it is due to music playing in the next room, or loud conversations happening in the hallway. You may even end up sharing your room with a roommate who keeps talking loudly over the phone.

Such situations can prove to be a nightmare for any person who requires peace to study. As mentioned in the above point, off campus apartments are better for these students.

They may even get the freedom to choose their roommates or avail of roommate matching services, to ensure that they share the living space with someone whose lifestyle and habits align with theirs.

Real-Life Experience

As you live off campus, you shall be responsible for things like paying rent and utilities. Everything is paid for in advance in college dorms.

On the other hand, students living off campus have to create a monthly budget and pay for electricity, groceries, utilities, water bills and more. This will provide them with a taste of the real world and help them prepare for life after college.

Live by Own Rules

College dorms come with a long list of rules that off campus apartments do not have. If you live off the campus, you would not have to worry about breaking any curfew or getting on the wrong side of the RA. You can come and go as you please, and even invite your friends over for late-night parties.

Cook Your Own Food

The campus meal plans may get boring after a while, and you can hardly cook anything in your dorm room without the fear of setting off the fire alarm. If you want to cook something fancier than instant ramen and enjoy wholesome meals as per your liking, then living in VSU off campus housing and similar facilities would be a good move.

These apartments come with a well-furnished kitchen space where you can cook anything you want. In many instances, buying groceries and cooking food by yourself would be cheaper than the typical campus meal plans.

Enjoy a Wide Range of Amenities

Off campus apartments generally have much more amenities than a college dorm. You can find washer/dryer, swimming pool, vending machines and more at such apartments. In college dorms, the residents ideally have to live in tight living spaces with not much free space to get fresh air. On the other hand, VSU off campus housing facilities not only have spacious rooms, but also adequate community space where the residents can freely hang out.

Building Credit

If you pay your utility bills and rent on time every month, you get to build good credit for your credit card. This can be helpful when you are searching for an apartment to rent in the future.

Live with Your Pets

Most dorms do not have any pets unless they are service animals. This can be heart-breaking for any dog or cat lover. On the other hand, most off campus apartments do allow pets, for a monthly fee. These fees would be worth it to keep your beloved pets with you.

Close to Campus Yet in Your own Space

One of the most appealing aspects of VSU off campus apartments is that they are located quite close to the campus. Students living in these apartments can get to college easily by walking or biking. They provide the perfect solution for balancing the demands of college life and the freedom of finally being able to live on your own. In addition to being located close to the college, most student housing apartments also provide easy access to local restaurants, cafes, grocery stores, bars, shops and more.

No matter whether you are a young adult in the first year of college, or are a college senior, choosing to live off campus can be a prudent decision. The freedom and real-world experiences provided by off campus living is truly unparalleled. To make the transition smoother, you should consider the following points:

  • If you are living with roommates, it is better to coordinate with them beforehand to make sure you do not end up with duplicates of items.
    Update your mailing address in your university records.
    Try to enlist help from friends or family on a moving day if possible, and ensure to thank them by providing something to drink and eat.
    Label your boxes clearly, to be able to carry each box into the correct room the first time around. You should try to pack all the essentials you will need your first night in one box, to avoid having to unpack everything the day you move in.
    See to it that you have everything you need to get your key on a moving day. Many student housing apartments may ask for a deposit, paperwork, or certain other details before you can officially move in.

Moving into an off campus apartment can be a great way to gain independence and learn how to live on your own. By keeping the tips mentioned above, you would be able to move into such an apartment without any hassle.



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