Top Factors to Consider When Choosing Off Campus Accommodations

VSU off campus housing

The housing option you select when going to university or college would considerably impact your overall campus life, especially as you unwind after a long day of multiple lectures and assignments. Not many students are fond of typical on-campus dorms due to their tiny twin-sized beds, shared bathrooms, cluttered closets, and more, and hence opt for off campus apartments.

Fortunately, today there are many options for VSU off campus housing available that can provide you with the independence, privacy, and space you desire. Off campus apartments are also much more peaceful than chaotic dorms, enabling the students to study and work on their assignments in peace.

However, before you sign a year or semester-long lease for an off-campus home, there are a few factors you need to ponder. The place you select to make your home for the college year should not be taken lightly. To avoid any error in judgment it is prudent to focus on the following:

Know your Budget

Before choosing any off-campus home, you first have to determine how much you can afford to pay for it. As a college student, you are likely to have a limited budget. Hence, it is prudent to explore the details of multiple VSU off campus apartments and shortlist the ones that come under your budget. In addition to the rent, there are several other considerations you need to take into account to assess your budget, such as:

  • Security Deposits: Most apartments tend to require such deposits and they are generally equal to one month’s rent.
  • Utilities: You need to check if the cost of utilities like water, internet, electricity, and trash services are included in the monthly rent or not. If not, then you must estimate how much money you may incur on these services.
  • Pet fees: One of the great aspects of off campus homes is that they often allow you to bring a pet, for a nominal fee. Depending on the apartment, you may have to pay an additional monthly fee or an extra deposit.
  • Parking fees: This fee applies only if you have a car, but is not a requirement in all off-campus accommodations.

Consider its Location

The off-campus apartment you select must be conveniently accessible to and from your campus to make sure that you do not get late for early lectures. For instance, the best VSU off-campus housing options can be found just a mile away from Valdosta State University. If you do not find any good student apartment within walking distance of your chosen university, then you must at least try to find a house that is close to bike paths and public transportation, especially if you do not have a car.

In addition to campus accessibility, you also have to think about the proximity of the off-campus apartment to important places like restaurants and cafes, grocery stores, retail stores, and more. Checking if you can easily access everyday necessities from the apartment can be a good benchmark.

You should additionally check the neighborhood you are planning to move into. It would be a smart move to take a tour of the area where your chosen off campus home is located to get an overall feel of the neighborhood, before signing the lease.

Determine your Space Requirements

A large number of students opt for off campus homes because they tend to be more spacious than college dorm rooms. However, there are many options available for off campus homes to suit the lifestyle needs and preferences of diverse people. For instance, VSU off campus apartments can be 1BHK, 2BHK, or 3BHK. If you want high privacy and a home just to yourself, then a 1BHK will be well-suited for you. However, if you do not mind living with a roommate, a shared apartment would be a good idea.

Pick Roommates Smartly 

Sharing an off-campus home with other students can be a good way to cut down your monthly expenses. However, you need to resist the urge to make the first person you get along with in your college your roommate. It is important to find someone with a similar lifestyle and preferences as you. Otherwise, there is a good chance of friction over time, which can make living arrangements more complicated.

Ask About Amenities And Security 

While education must be your priority during the college years, you would also want to enjoy comfort and convenience similar to your home at the student housing apartment. Hence, it is vital to assess off-campus homes beforehand to make sure that they come with the amenities. Having a dryer and washer at the apartment, for instance, can save you the time and effort of taking your laundry to a nearby local laundry shop every week. Certain off campus student housing communities even have amenities like pools with bathrooms and vending machines.

In addition to the amenities, you also need to check the safety and security measures of the property before signing the lease. After all, you should never compromise your safety and must feel safe enough at your home. In the end, your comfort and peace of mind have to be prioritized when selecting an off-campus home. Keeping this in mind, you need to check the following aspects:

  • The general atmosphere of the neighbourhood
  • The building’s entrance and exit
  • See if the window locks of the apartment work properly

These simple metrics can help you to gauge the general security of the off-campus accommodation. 

These metrics can help you gauge the general security of the off-campus accommodation you’re eying to determine. If it’s indeed a safe place to stay. Top VSU off campus housing options are not only gated complexes but also come with a property-wide security surveillance system. Which helps ensure the safety and security of the residents.

Today there are many types of off campus apartments located near top universities and colleges. The Valdosta State University. While living in such apartments can be a good idea, you need to determine your budget. Consider your space and amenities requirements, and zero in on the best-suited locations, before selecting any property.










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