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Tommy Lee is a well-known American drummer and musician who got his start with a band called Motley Crue in the 1980s. Their songs became chartbusters and they also got many chances to perform live shows at that time. If you are a fan of Tommy Lee and Motley Crue, you might be curious about how much money he has made overall. In this write-up, we will discuss tommy lee net worth and more information about him. 

Tommy Lee Net Worth 

As per many sources available online, tommy lee net worth is $70 million. Tommy has achieved success in many sectors of the entertainment industry, including reality tv show, professional drummer, guitarist and record producer. Since their publication, tracks like “Good Times” and “Knock Me Down,” which he co-wrote with rapper Tyla Yaweh, have become fan favourites. He has worked on music in the heavy metal, hard rock, and hip-hop genres. 

Full Name Thomas Lee Bass 
Age 60 Years 
Net Worth $70 million 
Profession  Musician 
Wife Brittany Furlan (2019- present)

Pamela Anderson (1995-1998)

Heather Locklear (1986-1993)

Elaine Starchuk (1984-1985)

Early Life and Education

Tommy Lee was born Thomas Lee Bass in 1962 in Athens, Greece where his father was stationed with the US Army. His family moved to California a year later. Lee got his first drum kit at age 4 and started playing properly at 17. He never finished high school, dropping out to pursue music full-time with his bands. 


Tommy Lee is best known as the co-founder and drummer for the heavy metal band Mötley Crüe which he formed in 1981 along with Nikki Sixx. Lee’s drumming and stage antics defined Mötley Crüe’s wild image. He also formed the rap-metal band Methods of Mayhem in the late 1990s. Lee has pursued solo projects but always returned to Mötley Crüe, touring steadily with them until their final tour in 2014. 

Tommy Lee Net worth Over The Years 

Year Net Worth
2020 $55 million 
2021 $60 million 
2022 $65 million 
2023 $70 million 

Source of Income 

The bulk of Lee’s wealth has come from Mötley Crüe’s album sales, touring revenue, and merchandising which have collectively grossed over $100 million during the band’s career peak. He also earned from spinoff projects like Methods of Mayhem which added to tommy lee net worth. Lee supplements this with brand endorsements, cameo appearances, DJ gigs, and drum clinics.

Real Estate

Tommy Lee owns a $4.65 million waterfront mansion in Calabasas, California which he purchased in 2007. The French country-style home has 7 bedrooms, 7 baths, a home theatre, wine cellar, and pool. The luxurious properties reflect the massive tommy lee net worth. He previously owned a lavish Malibu beach house that was featured prominently on his former reality show ‘Tommy Lee Goes to College’. 

Car Collection

Being a rockstar, Lee boasts an impressive lineup of cars. His collection includes a custom Rolls Royce Phantom, Mercedes G-Wagon,1963 Lincoln Continental, Hummer H2, and a Tesla electric car. Lee is also passionate about motorcycles and owns several premium Harley-Davidson bikes. 


Over the course of his lengthy career, Mötley Crüe’s popular drummer Tommy Lee has played some of rock’s most iconic live performances and tours. During Mötley Crüe’s “Carnival of Sins” tour, his notorious “Drum Rollercoaster” stunt became infamous and enthralled crowds all over the world. Over $86 million was made by the band’s “Final Tour” in 2015, demonstrating their ongoing appeal which helped build the huge tommy lee net worth. 

Philanthropic Activities

Tommy Lee has been very vocal about a number of topics, including animal welfare. In order to promote the humane treatment of animals, Lee has cooperated with groups like PETA and pushed for animal rights. He has also contributed his voice to campaigns opposing domestic violence, utilising his position to promote awareness of the problem and foster sympathy for victims.


Tommy Lee stands at approximately 6 feet 2 inches (188 cm) tall and has maintained a varying weight throughout his career, generally staying lean and fit. His skin colour is fair, and his dressing style is eclectic, ranging from leather jackets and rock-inspired attire to more casual, streetwear looks. 

Personal Life 

Tommy Lee led an interesting personal life. He has been married several times, with his most well-known union occurring in 1986 with actress Heather Locklear and ending in divorce in 1993. His 1995 marriage to Pamela Anderson, which also ended in divorce in 1998, brought him much notoriety. His marriage to Pamela Anderson produced two children, Brandon and Dylan.


Tommy Lee has been embroiled in many controversies during his career. He served jail time in 1998 for spousal abuse against ex-wife Pamela Anderson. A sex tape of the couple was also infamously stolen and released online without consent. Lee has openly battled alcoholism and drug addictions for decades. He was sued by a photographer for assault in 1996 after kicking her during a concert.  


Q: What band is Tommy Lee best known for?

A: Tommy Lee is best known as the co-founder and drummer for legendary rock band Mötley Crüe.

Q: How many times has Tommy Lee been married? 

A: Lee has been married 4 times, most famously to actress Pamela Anderson.

Q: What criminal charges has Tommy Lee faced?

A: Lee served 6 months in jail in 1998 for spousal battery against Anderson. He was also arrested in 2019 for assaulting his son Brandon but was not charged.

Q: What drugs and alcohol issues has Tommy Lee faced?  

A: Lee has battled alcoholism and addictions to various drugs like cocaine throughout his music career. 

Q: Does Tommy Lee have any children?

A: Yes, Lee has two sons – Brandon Thomas and Dylan Jagger Lee – from his marriage to Pamela Anderson in the 1990s.


This shall clear your doubts on tommy lee net worth. His work as a solo artist and member of Motley Crue contribute significantly to his wealth. He was the focus of several biopics, including “Pam & Tommy” and “Pam & Tommy: The Tape That Changed America.” Even with controversies, he has had a successful career in the music industry. 

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