Tips To Save Money On Your Bathroom Renovation

Tips To Save Money On Your Bathroom Renovation

The majority of homeowners want to remodel their homes with SPC vinyl flooring in the bathrooms and kitchens. Both initiatives are likely to be costly. Bathroom renovation cost overruns may be easily controlled in terms of savings. Due to the reduced size, cost-cutting strategies may be easier to adopt. Furthermore, do-it-yourself work will lower the expenses of any hired job.

Ways to Save Money On Your Bathroom Renovation

Maintain the size and layout of the bathroom.

Enlarging or reorganizing a bathroom sometimes necessitates the relocation of plumbing pipes, which can be costly. Moving the toilet discharge and sewage pipe is extremely expensive. Never resize or change the bathroom if it is required to meet your demands. The most expensive component of a bathroom renovation is moving things that aren’t easily moved. During a remodel, you might change the size or configuration of your bathroom. Yet, you must measure the benefits of the change against the financial effect of the change.

Maintain the load-bearing walls of the bathroom.

Load-bearing walls support your second story and floor with SPC vinyl flooring. if you have one. Moving or removing a load-bearing wall is a significant undertaking that necessitates structural improvements. Outside walls are often load-bearing. Non-load-bearing interior walls are those that run parallel to ceiling joists.

Investigate the possibility of expanding through non-load-bearing walls or walls that do not support the weight. Non-load-bearing walls can be removed or relocated at a little cost and effort.

It is better to contact a contractor if you wish to relocate that load-bearing wall. But if you’re driven, you can accomplish it on your own. Although materials such as laminated beams are affordable, they require a significant amount of labor.

Look for Three Quotations

The easiest approach to receiving honest pricing from the plumber and tiler is to acquire quotations from three different firms and see how they stacked up against one another. Keep in mind that the cheapest estimate may not be the best alternative. As a result, while obtaining bids, careful vigilance is required.

Consider their ability to comprehend your requirements, how well they have communicated with you, and their internet evaluations and recommendations.

The following is a list of resources to assist you in making the best decision for you and your family. Remember, you’ll be living with your bathroom for the next 10–15 years, so although saving money is important, you don’t want to sacrifice quality for the budget when it comes to hiring a tiler or other finishing services.

The tile should not be used on the ceiling.

It’s remarkable how fast a bathroom makeover budget can go from manageable to unattainable. You must be practical about your budget and plan for what is achievable. Tiles and tiling are one area that consumes a large portion of a bathroom budget. You may save a lot of money by making little compromises like merely tiling three-quarters of the way up the wall or only tiling key walls. The good news is that this is becoming somewhat of a trend.

Instead of replacing bathroom fixtures, refinish them.


The cost of replacing existing plumbing fittings, tubs, shower bases, or surrounds is increased by removing and replacing existing fixtures. The term “demolition” refers to the process of removing debris from a building.

Consider whether any of these items truly need to be replaced. Are you replacing them for functionality or appearance? If they are unsightly but functional, you may be able to style them up or refresh them rather than replace them.

Instead of replacing your bathtub, you may refinish it with an appealing, protective coating. The word of the day is that you should get a new car because you have a lot of money.

Refinishing bathroom objects makes not only economic sense but also makes environmental sense.

Installing a Prefab Shower or Bathtub

One of the most expensive bathroom modifications you can undertake is to remove an old prefabricated shower base and surround and replace it with a custom-tiled base and walls.

Instead of a tiled shower, consider utilizing a pre-formed, one-piece shower stall. It will be significantly less expensive because you will not be paying for pricey tile setters. Moreover, prefabricated shower stalls may be installed in hours, whereas tiled showers might take several days.

You may also start with a prefabricated shower base and tile the walls yourself. Tile materials can be substantially less expensive than a one-piece stall; usually, tile is pricey due to labor.

Maintain the electrical circuits in the bathroom.

Bathroom remodels sometimes necessitate wire changes since the existing wiring does not match modern electrical code standards. If your bathroom wiring is in good working order, your local permitting authority may be able to inform you whether your system is grandfathered in. If it has to be brought up to code, some adjustments may be required. Replacing non-grounded outlets with GFCI (ground-fault current-interrupter) outlets is a popular example. Keep the electrical wiring in place if it is safe and meets your needs.

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