The Power of Color: Using Laminate Sheets to Create a Bold Statement

You design your floors with laminates because they are easy to maintain and clean, to create a timeless impression. That is why laminate flooring sheets are great for residential properties. However, after its popularity got increased in multitudes, people could not help but consider them for business properties, shop floors, healthcare institutes, etc. Apart from the convenience to clean, laminates are available in a considerably wide range of attractive colours. In most cases, you choose colours according to your mood and colour psychology. Let us take a tour of the laminate colour variants that can make a statement on your behalf.

Gone are the days when you were happy with the wood-like look that laminates recreated on your floor. Now, you can select from a bouquet of colour options to match your mood and liking. Take a tour of the Royal Touche laminates colour wheel for making a much-informed choice.

  • Gray Flooring: Gray laminates became famous mainly because of the fact that it doesn’t disclose wear and tear much. However, there can be psychology playing its role in selecting gray floor laminates. Gray has its inherent quality of contemporary and cool vibes. Moreover, this particular colour gifts you a beautiful, neutral background to install furniture, drapes, and other décor elements in colours of your choice. There is a wide range of choices in tones that you can consider to balance the neutral gray background of the floor.
  • White Laminates: If you are in awe of beautiful, pristine white beaches, white laminate sheets should be your go-to option. White reflects the new beginning. That is why often people choose white flooring sheets for kitchens. That is where you invest your innovations in churning out new recipes. Moreover, white laminates are a great choice for Studies, Work areas, and Libraries.
  •   Blond Floors: These are essentially vibrant and reflect light big time. As a result, any floor you cover with blonde floor laminate strips is brightened up by flooring laminates of that colour. They emanate a truckload of energy in the whole area. So, even the best laminate brand in India would definitely offer you laminates in that colour. Just check their catalog and ask your flooring engineer to install one in your space to jazz up your everyday life. If you are having a barn or farm-house style set-up, blonde flooring definitely gets a thumbs up for your choice.
  • Honey Coloured Floors: Contrary to the common belief Honey and blonde floor sheets are not the same. Honey laminates come in a slightly darker tone. It has the amazing quality of opening up a particular space in a manner that a cozy, intimate setup looks larger and wider. It will offer you a classy and traditional look, way different from the Blonde coloured laminate sheets.
  • Black & White Floors: No, it is not old school… Rather black and white laminate sheets create a timeless feel for your space that flashes a vintage-styled look. The idea is to create a checkerboard look with white and black square decorative laminates that are pasted in a chessboard style. Apart from oozing old-time aesthetics, they make a perfect background for décor elements and furniture in gold and copper tones. Moreover, the younger generation (gen- Z) too is preferring this option for its novelty factor.

Resists Stains and Gouges

Laminate is the top choice for high-traffic zones like Gyms, shop floors, and cafes that people usually enter without taking off their shoes. Shoe treading, dragging heavy cartons- boxes with a huge load cannot do much damage to the surface. They look new and fresh for longer.

Kid-friendly, Pet-friendly

When there are kids at home, spilling juice, and milk, and scratching the floor surface with sharp-edged toys are quite common. However, they cannot be tutored to be gentle on the floor quite easily. Moreover, pet accidents and scratches are quite common in average households. You will surely not like your beloved pup or kitty to damage your floor surface even unintentionally. Just keep yourself protected from such damage by using laminates as your flooring material. They are definitely not damage-proof, yet they remain new for a long period.

Water Resistant        

It is, provided you choose your material wisely. Not all materials are the same. You should select the kind that suits your need. Call us to have a detailed talk with our team and get information about the right choice of the sheet. Then decide on the ideal material for flooring in your space.

  • Blue Colour Laminates: Beautiful, Chic, Gorgeous, Cool, Stylish, and whatnot. You describe this kind of floor laminates the way you want. The variants of blue (especially turquoise) offer a very royal and stunning appearance that can shine even at the backdrop of a drab lot of furniture, décor elements, etc.

Conclusion: There was a time when people used kitchen laminates for the convenience of frequent cleaning of the area. However, these days, laminates are being used in every room and they have literally replaced wood flooring strips for both, convenience and aesthetics. In fact, people these days choose floor laminate colours to make a statement that they want the world to get from them Read More

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