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Tenerife is a very popular tourist destination which is visited every year by travellers who want to take advantage of the clear blue waters, white sandy beaches and warm climate. But Tenerife has so much more to offer than beaches and resorts, its home to a number of top attractions that you must see during your stay.

The first place you shouldn’t miss when visiting Tenerife in 2015 is Teide National Park. This is a popular Spanish national park and home to third largest volcano in the world. Here you can enjoy the spectacular landscapes, make your way through the pine tree forests and take a cable car to the top of the volcano, where you can enjoy some of the most spectacular views of the area. Teide National Park is a must for anyone planning a Tenerife holiday in 2015 and can provide fun and enjoyment for the entire family.

Planning Your Tenerife Holiday

The second must visit place when planning your Tenerife holiday is Masca. Masca is one of the most interesting villages you will ever see. It is located on the side of the Macizo de Tena Mountains in North West Tenerife. This village is home to one hundred residents with their homes balancing on the cliffs of the mountain. You access Masca up a winding road where you will enjoy some breath-taking scenery. The coast is a three hour hike away and while the hike can be quite a hard one, thousands of holiday makers make the trek each year to find themselves from the village balancing on the mountain ridges to the clear blue waters below.

Be sure you visit Los Gigantes Cliffs (The Giant). These cliffs can be found spanning over one thousand six hundred feet over the Atlantic Ocean. The cliffs are best experienced by boat with plenty of boat trips leaving the modern marina at the nearby coastal town. You can see the cliffs from everywhere in the town, which is home to seaside bars, restaurants, shops and more. This is a  hire a boat in Tenerife fantastic way to spend a sunny afternoon away from the beach and a chance to explore the natural beauty of Tenerife with the whole family.

Ensure as you spend your holiday in Tenerife in 2015 that you take the time to visit the Pyramids of Guimar. These step pyramids are very similar in construction to those found in Mexico and Peru. They are something of interest and historical value in Tenerife and a must to see if you want to soak up some history while visiting this beautiful paradise. At the Pyramids of Guimar you will also find a museum, café and ecological souvenir shop. It’s easy to spend the entire day here, exploring the pyramids, learning a bit about the history of the area and then finishing off your experience in the café before heading back to your hotel.

Tenerife holiday in 2015

The final place you must visit when planning a Tenerife holiday in 2015 is the botanical gardens. These gardens are one of the oldest botanical gardens in the whole of Spain and are home to over three thousand plant and tree species. Here you can relax and enjoy the beauty of the area.

The botanical gardens are located in Puerto de la Cruz and if you’re looking for a day of relaxation away from the beach and a place where you can be surrounded by unimaginable beauty, then the botanical gardens are an absolute must to explore during your holiday.

Of course there is no shortage of things to do and see throughout Tenerife, but whether you’re visiting for a couple of days or a week or more, ensure these five must places to visit are on your holiday to Tenerife itinerary.

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