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200 Golden Hadiths By Abdul Malik Mujahid:

The Book “200 Golden Hadiths” Seeking serenity, direction, and knowledge is a universal desire in a world of continual noise and diversions. The Hadith, or the sayings and deeds of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), is one of the best sources of knowledge and spiritual sustenance for Muslims. Among the several Hadith compilations, Abdul […]

“200 Golden Hadiths: A Mine of Wisdom and Direction”

“200 Golden Hadiths” The Hadiths—the words, deeds, and endorsements of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him—shine like brilliant gems in the immense storehouse of Islamic teachings. They provide Muslims and scholars worldwide with great wisdom, direction, and moral guidelines. By Abdul Malik Mujahid is a wonderful anthology that captures this enduring wisdom. A Beacon […]

The Noble Quran is a treasure in the English language:

The Noble Quran More than 1.8 billion Muslims worldwide place a high value on the Quran, the sacred book of Islam. Written in classical Arabic, its profound lessons have inspired people from all origins and civilizations despite language obstacles. Today, we look at The Noble Quran in English and its beauty and value. The Noble […]

“The Noble Quran An English translation of “Online Islamic Book a Beacon of Guidance”

“The Noble Quran” Understanding gaps and fostering meaningful conversation become crucial in an interconnected world where cultures and values collide. The English translation of the Noble Quran is a crucial tool in this attempt. The Quran is a lighthouse, enlightening the hearts and minds of people from all walks of life with its deep wisdom, […]

Noorani Qa’idah Guide to Correct Recitation

” Noorani Qa’idah” Few writings in the huge body of Islamic literature are as revered and significant as the Quran. Its recital is seen as a deep act of devotion and communion with the Divine because it is the exact word of God. Understanding the Quran’s pronunciation and Tajweed (the guidelines for correct Quranic recitation) […]

The Qur’an and Modern Science Examining Compatibility Between

The relationship between religious texts and scientific findings continues to be a subject of intense interest and discussion in society. where science and faith frequently appear to be at odds. In his stimulating book “Qur’an and Modern Science – Compatible or Incompatible?” Dr. Zakir Naik, a well-known Islamic scholar, delves into this fascinating juncture. In […]

The Juz Amma in Arabic, English, and Roman Transliteration:

The Quran is held in a special and treasured position in the world of Islamic knowledge and spiritual development. Its recitation is not only a ritual but a meaningful and life-changing experience for Muslims everywhere. Juz Amma, the final 30 chapters of the Quran, is one of the most accessible and commonly repeated parts. Today, […]

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