Seven Apple Tools to Help You with Academic Writing

The process of academic writing can be intimidating and draining for many people. Papers and reports demand significant concentration to polish and can take hours or days to produce. For those who need those most, some tools can make the procedure considerably simpler.

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What is it Academic writing

Aimed toward scholars, academic writing is stiff and impersonal. It heavily relies on academic opinion, factual information, and research. It could be presented as articles, papers, or dissertations. These essays follow a strict format, including an introduction, a thesis statement, a summary of the subject, and a conclusion. Academic writing seeks to educate the reader by providing accurate knowledge and strong supporting data.

Specific vocabulary is used in academic writing. It must be formal, and objective, and include references and citations.

The following are some examples of common writing elements used in academic writing:

  • The use of formal language is not permitted.
  • The third person is employed
  • Avoid asking questions; instead, make definitive assertions
  • Avoid using hyperbole or exaggeration
  • Avoiding making unfounded generalizations

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Fortunately, there are several solutions available to increase your productivity and provide distraction-free writing jobs.

Of course, if you want essays that are produced by experts, you may always get assistance from Master Thesis Writing Service. If you would rather not outsource your writing responsibilities, read on to discover the top seven iOS writing tools that increase productivity.

7 apple tools that help you in academic writing


You may share your writing across a variety of platforms by using this free iOS writing tool. Byword offers a sleek, minimalist editor that removes all of the user-distracting elements, which helps users boost their attention.

With its Markdown support, you may format your text without having to navigate through difficult menus or learn a vast list of keyboard commands (such as boldface, italics, and colors). You can export and save your work as PDF and HTML pages as a bonus.


Editorial is a sophisticated Apple Pro tool that has a variety of capabilities. Additionally, it enables you to preview Markdown, TaskPaper, and Fountain documents without having to open additional windows. Similar to iA Writer, it has syntax highlighting so you can view the formatting of your work as you type.

There is no need to switch between windows to do a quick search thanks to Editorial’s in-app browser. In the search bar of the program, you can type your inquiry and find the solutions you require without diverting your attention. Additionally, its Dropbox Sync offers an adaptable sync folder where you may choose from a variety of tools to modify your documents.

The software offers a decent selection of fonts and spacing options by default and supports both “bright” and “dark” modes.


Markdown support is offered by Simplenote, making writing quick and simple. You can keep organized while writing with its robust search capabilities and productivity features like tags and pins. Your notes will always be accessible since Simplenote synchronizes across all of your devices. Additionally, you can post your writings or notes online.

The user interface of this writing tool is simple. There isn’t a toolbar chock full of extra functions or formatting options. Only a sidebar with your tags and garbage filters that keep you focused makes up the complete interface.


Check out Twords to see how you can write better. Tracker Twords is used. You tell Twords how many words you want to write every day, and it will prod you along until you finish. It instills a sense of accountability and motivates you to get things done. In case you get stuck, Twords also features a library of writing prompts. There are no justifications.


Hemingway Editor should not be missed even though you have undoubtedly heard of this tool before. Because it’s simple to use and comprehend, Hemingway Editor is wildly popular. What more do you need? By eliminating superfluous adverbs and passive language, you may assess the readability of your work using this web-based or desktop application.


Werdsmith is a tool for creative writing that offers you a link to share your works and an online portfolio of everything you decide to publish.

Using this app, you may track how much writing you do each day by setting writing rituals and word objectives. It’s the simplest approach to developing a writing habit, advancing your knowledge, and finishing your tasks. You may customize your writing studio with the five unique themes and a tone of formatting options that are included.

Graph word

Every writer needs a thesaurus, and is the best place to locate synonyms (and antonyms too). However, even writers occasionally require visual stimulation. Visit the interactive visual thesaurus Graph Words. It finds related terms as predicted, but it does so in an aesthetically appealing manner. Each type of word—nouns, adjectives, verbs, and adverbs—has a different hue.

Final thoughts

The Apple App Store offers a wide variety of essay tools. Simple note is a user-friendly tool that can assist you if you wish to write down your daily tasks or take notes. However, if you’re planning to write a novel or a college essay, a more sophisticated program like Pages might be your best bet. With the aid of these tools, you may produce an essay that is both effective and well-organized.


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