Reason Why You Should Use Curcumin Or Turmeric


Curcumin is a source of the Turmeric Herb. It is the main compound present in turmeric or Haldi. Well, turmeric is a spice symbolising prosperity in India. It is bright Yellow in colour and highly used in dishes and medical purposes. The curcumin or turmeric herb can be consumed as a natural powder, curcumin capsules, tablets or supplements, etc.

Top Reason To Try Curcumin Capsules

There are a number of reasons and benefits linked with the use of curcumin capsules or supplements. Just make sure to keep it continuing for a positive effect.

1. Strong Pain Reliever

Turmeric has been used to get relief from the pain. It reduces the symptoms caused by rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. It is a bone disease that damages the joints, causes strong inflammation and pain to the bone. The stiffness, swelling, and lack of mobility will affect the quality of life. Curcumin makes it super strong for pain because it is analgesic and anti-inflammatory in nature.

2. Cardiovascular Protector

Curcumin or its capsules is rich in antioxidant properties. The antioxidant powder prevents the appearance of heart ailments such as embolisms and arteriosclerosis, removes the unwanted toxin, increases blood flow, widens the blood vessels, etc. The daily use of Curcumin Capsules or turmeric powder provide heart protection and reduce the risk of heart diseases. 

3. Strengthen Immune System

Turmeric or Haldi has been used for immunity for a long history. Your mother or grandmother surely suggests you use some turmeric powder in the milk, especially during the winter season. Thanks to the fact that turmeric contains a substance known as lipopolysaccharide, which helps the body to stimulate the body’s defence system. In addition, curcumin is antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal in nature that creates a defence for the body and fights the unwanted pathogen to cause any chronic disease to the body.

4. Body Purifier

Turmeric is known as a purifier. It cleans the blood, liver and rejuvenates the liver cellularly. The active compound named curcumin has the capacity to flush out the toxin substance from the liver, gut, blood and body. Turmeric is a good detox and delivers a healthy body and removes unwanted particles.

5. Relieve Stomach Discomfort

Turmeric or curcumin is ideal for stomach discomfort like burning, swelling, inflammation, pain and diseases like dyspepsia. Many people prefer to use turmeric powder and capsules when they suffer from dyspepsia or similar symptoms. You can overcome the usual gas and meteorism.

6. Quick Healing Herb

Turmeric has powerful healing and anti-inflammatory properties that are applied to wounds, burns, sores and insect bites. The curcumin heals the wound by decreasing the inflammation by anti-inflammatory properties and reducing oxidation by the antioxidant properties. In addition, the use of turmeric decreases the response of our body to cutaneous wounds. For quick healing after surgery or any injury, you should try turmeric.

7. Improve Memory

The mood changes visibly in those who consume it as they carry out their daily activities with greater energy. Turmeric is used to improve memory, especially in people who suffer from age-related forgetfulness. The antioxidants reduce free radicals and help in better nerve cells.

How To Add Curcumin To Diet

When you decide to add turmeric or curcumin to your diet for multiple health benefits, then below are the easiest ways that will add to your diet.

  • Add 2 curcumin capsules or turmeric capsules with a glass of water or as per healthcare professional.
  • When you prepare scrambled, hard-boiled or omelette eggs, add a pinch of turmeric powder. Turmeric dressing is also a good option.
  • Combine turmeric powder with mustard and season salads for better taste.
  • You can prepare turmeric curry by chopping fresh turmeric in pieces.
  • Add it to the vegetables, as if it were salt or pepper.
  • You can prepare an infusion. Bring some water to a boil, add half a teaspoon of turmeric. Keep it for about 5-10 minutes. You can also add lemon juice, cinnamon, ginger honey as per taste.
  • Turmeric teas are also a good idea. You can get turmeric tea from the market or you can prepare it at home. It is very easy to make it at home.
  • Add a maximum of one teaspoon of turmeric powder to your favourite shake or juice. Well, fruit juice does not taste good with turmeric. But you can try with vegetable juice like spinach juice, carrot juice, etc
  • Sprinkle turmeric over raw fish or mix it with flour. If you want, you can cook fish as well with turmeric and another ingredient.
  • In the market, many products are also available that contain turmeric as the main ingredient. So, you can also try them. It varies from sweet to sore products. It is up to you which type of product you want.
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