Raw Whey Protein: How To Consume Whey Protein Effectively, Safely, and Responsibly.

Supplementation, today is a great resource available to support the nutrient-dense diet through quality food. There are many cases that in the event of a deficiency or insufficiency, supplementation helps to restore the deficiency and …

Supplementation, today is a great resource available to support the nutrient-dense diet through quality food. There are many cases that in the event of a deficiency or insufficiency, supplementation helps to restore the deficiency and boost the well being for a quality life. 

Whey protein powder is the most widely used supplement, especially for sports. For the sport or gym freak or athlete, protein is an essential nutrient to support muscle growth and workout recovery. Well, it is important to know what you are adding to your diet or choose as a supplement. 

What is Whey Protein?

Whey Protein is a count obtained from the processing of surplus whey from the manufacture of cheese or milk. Raw whey protein is when whey is separated from the solids. The raw whey protein powder does not go through the heating process during preparations. Well, whey protein or raw whey protein is full of biological value (it contains the so-called essential amino acids that your body will use). The amount of biological value is higher than eggs, meat and soybean. So, you can imagine the level of nutrition available in the whey protein. If you are thinking to buy whey protein then you must check whether it is chemical or artificial based.

Types of Whey Protein

There are basically 3 types of whey protein that you can add as a supplement.

1. Whey protein concentrate(WPC): Rich in some fat and lactose and contain 70-80% of protein.

2. Whey protein isolate (WPI): It is a more purified form. In WPI, fat and lactose will be eliminated with the heating process. It is one of the recommendations because it is more refined, has a faster absorption rate, and causes less lactose intolerance; nonetheless, it is more expensive.

3. Whey protein hydrolysate (WPH): When the protein has been treated to make it easier to digest, it is WPH. It is effective for the insulin spike and alters glucose regulation and appetite. Being harmful to muscle repair or growth, given that whey protein is already rapidly absorbed after digesting

These all are the protein, make it easier to digest and excellent after-workout companion. Whey protein is effective in muscle mass gain, increase performance, in addition reduce inflammation after the workout, reduce stress hormones, improve intestinal flora and many more. 

Whey protein is prepared from milk products. It gets more effective when it is used by the milk itself. Whole milk with protein after a workout shows good results in terms of the uptake of leucine, which is the main protein component related to muscle gain and overcoming digestive discomfort.

Tips On Choosing And Taking Whey Protein

Here are the tops that will help you to find the right Whey protein powder for you for the maximum benefits. So, let’s go-

  • Choose a Protein supplement that is “Whey Isolate”. The whey isolate that is prepared from the pasture cows because will be richer in better amino acid profile.
  • Make sure to avoid maltodextrin or carbohydrates/sugar-containing whey protein. Avoid maltodextrin, sugar and go for the whey isolate only. If you want, you can add carbohydrates through fruits to improve the muscles and liver recovery after exercise. The best suitable fruit for carbohydrates is bananas or any red coloured fruits like blueberries, blackberries or raspberries. They are rich in antioxidants and are best to replace sugar carbohydrates.
  • Try to avoid the sweeteners, as they can alter your palatability as well as intestinal flora. Palatability is agreeable to the palate or taste or your level of flavour. Where intestinal flora are bacteria and other microorganisms that support digestion. Instead of sweeteners you can choose with a neutral flavour that can be spiced up with chocolate, cinnamon, or vanilla, or simply paired with a flavour base like milk, vegetable juice, or fruit, or if that isn’t enough, raw honey will be best for better taste.
  • If you decide your protein and already buy whey protein powder, then the recommended dose is about 25-30g or one scoop that comes with the containers. The right time for post-exercise. Wait 30-40 minutes after finishing the activity in the anabolic window or muscle growth window. Your insulin will help it absorb much better there.
  • It is ideal to mix whey protein powder with milk, vegetable drink, milk, water or even yogurt, fruits juice, etc. Yogurt adds more protein and thickens the texture.
  • For the quality of life and nutrient level, keep your diet as usual. Using whey protein doesn’t mean you need to skip your diet or food intake. The use of food will also help the whey protein for better body health like the tomatoes contain lycopene which is responsible for the potassium, vitamins B and E, and other nutrients and protect the cells from harmful radiation and damage.

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