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Top Business School in France

France is not just popular for its gourmet food, wines, and fashion, but also for its elite business schools. One such renowned institute is the NEOMA Business School located in the Rouen, the city of art and history, is one of the exclusive 1% of international business schools holding triple accreditation and stands at the forefront of global education. Popular for its innovative approach, NEOMA’s impact echoes through the synergy of exceptional research and transformative education.

NEOMA Business School, with a history spanning more than 150 years, is among the top business schools for pursuing higher education abroad. It offers MBA programs in the fields of marketing, finance and accounting, management luxury, supply chain, and entrepreneurship. The school ranks 28th in the world for a Master’s in Management as per the Financial Times rankings. The school ranks 28th in the world for a Master’s in Management as per the financial times rankings. NEOMA Business School is accredited by:

  • The European Quality Improvement System
  • The Association of MBAs
  • Alliance to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business

So in a way, this will be one of the top business schools in France related to business management.

Below Enlisted are popular courses offered by NEOMA Business School:

  • Masters in Management
  • Master of Science in Supply Chain Management
  • Master of Science in International Luxury Management
  • Master of Science in Finance, Investment and Wealth Management
  • Master of Science in Wine & Gastronomy

Top FAQs

Steered by a strategic vision and fueled by a faculty of esteemed experts, the school equips students with skills and knowledge essential to shape the future of the real business world. Furthermore, beyond imparting knowledge, this business school strives to ignite a passion for innovation in international students envisioning them as the architects of a vibrant and progressive world. Thus, if you are intrigued to study in France, in this article we will discuss the top FAQs related to NEOMA Business School for international students. So, buckle up your seatbelts as we sail our fleet ahead.

Here are some of the top FAQs answered to study at NEOMA Business School in France.

  1. What makes NEOMA Business School Unique?

NEOMA Business School is a standout institution, being in the top 1% of global business schools with triple accreditation. Its commitment to academic excellence and innovation mirrors the school’s dynamic nature. NEOMA is recognized for its lively and engaging learning atmosphere, promoting a culture of creativity.

  1. What programs does NEOMA Business School offer?

NEOMA offers a wide range of programs, including Bachelor’s and master’s degree programs. The school is particularly renowned for its Master in Management programs, ranking 25th in the Financial Times 2023. Moreover, NEOMA provides specialized programs in Finance, Marketing, and International Business and ranks among the top 250 in the QS World University Ranking 2024 by Subject.

  1. What is the average tuition fee at NEOMA Business School?

The tuition fees at NEOMA Business School vary among different degree programs and the course you choose. To give you an idea the average tuition fee for international students is 12,000 EUR per year. And to aid your education you can apply for various scholarships offered by the business school.

  1. Is financial aid available?

NEOMA offers various scholarships and financial aid options to support international students. There are popular scholarships such as NEOMA Excellence scholarships where students can get discounts on the first-year tuition fees up to 2500 euros. The availability and criteria for financial assistance may vary, so it’s advisable for students to check the specific details of their chosen program on the university website.

  1. How diverse is the student body at NEOMA?

One of the reasons why study in France is the diverse and multicultural body at NEOMA- Top Business School. The institute not only shelters students of different nationalities but also has a diverse faculty offering multidisciplinary teaching. The school provides a truly international experience, enriching the learning environment and preparing students for a globalized business world.

  1. How is student life at NEOMA?

Student life at NEOMA is vibrant and diverse. From student clubs to cultural events, there are numerous opportunities for socializing and building lifelong connections. The school values the holistic development of its students, emphasizing not only academic success but also personal growth.

  1. What is the campus like?

Offering a prime location in the core of seven hectares of woodland, the NEOMA Business School Rouen campus bids state-of-the-art facilities and teaching equipment such as a trading room, student society offices, student life areas, and a multi-media library. The campus is designed to encourage collaboration and provide a vibrant atmosphere for learning and networking. From modern classrooms to dedicated study spaces, NEOMA’s campuses are equipped to meet the needs of the students.

Concluding Thoughts

NEOMA Business School offers a unique and enriching educational experience. With excellent teaching, internationalization, and practical learning, NEOMA prepares students to thrive in the dynamic world of business. If you’re considering pursuing your business education in France, NEOMA is undoubtedly a great choice. Thus, to get your admission process started search for some of the top 10 overseas education consultants in India and get end-to-end assistance. We hope the above information gave you a zest for pursuing this amazing degree. so, this article was helpful, good luck.

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