NCT Tokyo: Unveiling the Vibrant Harmony of NCT’s New Team


NCT Tokyo, the latest addition to the dynamic world of NCT under SM Entertainment, emerges as the sixth unit within the globally acclaimed boy group. The birth of this new unit is credited to the captivating survival show, ‘NCT Universe: LASTART,’ which showcased the talents of its six distinctive members – Sion, Riku, Yushi, Daeyoung, Ryo, and Sakuya. As they pave their way towards a debut slated for the end of 2023, the group has already offered fans a glimpse of their musical prowess through the pre-debut release, ‘Hands Up,’ on October 19, 2023.

Sion: A Musical Voyager from Mokpo

Sion, introduced as a future NCT New Team Member on June 28, 2023, hails from the scenic city of Mokpo, South Korea. His four years of dedicated training have not only shaped his vocal and dance skills but also fostered a desire to master multiple languages to connect with a diverse international fanbase. Beyond the stage, Sion’s interests span from discovering compelling songs and avid reading to indulging in anime, dramas, and bowling. Described in a single word as “Water,” Sion’s refreshing persona and love for breaks create a unique blend that adds depth to NCT Tokyo.

Sion’s journey to become an NCT member began with his passion for finding the perfect song, a trait that aligns seamlessly with the eclectic and innovative approach of NCT. His commitment to learning multiple languages showcases a genuine effort to bridge cultural gaps and enhance the connection between NCT Tokyo and its global audience. Moreover, Sion’s love for breaks not only provides a glimpse into his personality but also hints at the group’s potential to offer refreshing and invigorating performances.

Riku: The Patient Virtuoso

Riku, with a one-year stint as a trainee, embodies the virtue of patience within NCT Tokyo. His love for animated features and movies serves as both entertainment and inspiration, while his cherished items are letters from those close to his heart. Choosing the path of an idol, Riku seeks to share energy with his audience, drawing motivation from his esteemed seniors.

Riku’s role as the patient virtuoso brings a unique dynamic to NCT Tokyo’s collective identity. His love for animated features aligns with the group’s potential for visually captivating performances, while his dedication to preserving meaningful letters hints at the emotional depth the group might infuse into their music. As a bridge between the world of animation and the emotional connectivity of heartfelt messages, Riku emerges as a key player in the harmonious ensemble of NCT Tokyo.

Yushi: The Calm Vocalist from EDAMAME BEANS

Introduced alongside Sion on June 28, 2023, Yushi brings a calm demeanor and vocal prowess honed during his five years as a trainee. As a former member of EDAMAME BEANS, where he held the Vocal Position, Yushi adds a rich layer to NCT Tokyo’s musical palette. His dual nature, marked by calmness and a touch of naughtiness, promises a dynamic contribution to the group’s collective identity.

Yushi’s journey from EDAMAME BEANS to NCT Tokyo not only showcases his vocal prowess but also suggests a diverse range of influences that will enrich the group’s musical style. His calm and naughty personality, when translated into performances, might offer a balance of soothing melodies and playful energy. As a seasoned trainee, Yushi’s experiences contribute to the depth and maturity that NCT Tokyo aims to bring to the K-pop scene.

Daeyoung: Daegu’s Melodic Virtuoso

Hailing from Daegu, Daeyoung, affectionately known as Daeng 땡 (meaning puppy), charms with his three months of intensive training. His vocal strengths lie in his ability to reach high notes and falsettos, making him a valuable asset to NCT Tokyo. Beyond the spotlight, Daeyoung finds solace in singing, playing the piano, and immersing himself in the world of literature.

Daeyoung’s short yet intense training period highlights his innate musical talent. His vocal strengths, particularly in high notes and falsettos, hint at NCT Tokyo’s potential for awe-inspiring performances. Additionally, Daeyoung’s love for literature suggests a depth of emotion and storytelling that could set NCT Tokyo apart in the highly competitive world of K-pop.

Ryo: The Active Purveyor of Happiness

With one year of training under his belt, Ryo emerges as the embodiment of happiness within NCT Tokyo. His active personality and a preference for favorite items, such as his cellphone and a lifelong companion doll, showcase the multifaceted layers of his character. The promise of joy that Ryo brings to the group adds a vibrant hue to their collective identity.

Ryo’s role as the active purveyor of happiness introduces a lively energy to NCT Tokyo. His attachment to personal items like his cellphone and a cherished doll adds a touch of nostalgia, creating a sense of relatability for fans. As the group’s purveyor of happiness, Ryo’s presence could serve as a source of joy for both the members and their audience, establishing a unique and memorable identity for NCT Tokyo.

Sakuya: The Curious Soul on a Bud of Discovery

Sakuya, a one-year trainee, is an enigmatic force within NCT Tokyo. Described as an “Unknown bud,” his curiosity-driven personality finds expression in activities like shopping with friends, photography, and soccer. From embarking on a bread pilgrimage to relishing moments at the mart, Sakuya’s diverse interests contribute to the rich tapestry of NCT Tokyo’s collective spirit.

Sakuya’s status as an “Unknown bud” adds an element of mystery and intrigue to NCT Tokyo. His curiosity-driven personality, coupled with diverse interests like photography and soccer, suggests a multifaceted approach to both music and life. Sakuya’s unique perspective and willingness to explore various avenues of creativity align with NCT’s ethos of pushing boundaries and exploring new horizons within the K-pop landscape.


NCT Tokyo readies itself for a highly anticipated debut at the close of 2023, each member’s unique qualities promise to contribute to the group’s musical prowess and captivating stage presence. From Sion’s refreshing aura to Sakuya’s curiosity, NCT Tokyo is poised to carve its own niche within the illustrious legacy of the NCT universe. With a diverse range of talents and personalities, the group not only showcases the strength of its individual members but also hints at the harmonious synergy that will define NCT Tokyo’s journey in the dynamic world of K-pop. As fans eagerly await their debut, the anticipation for the vibrant harmony of NCT Tokyo continues to grow, setting the stage for an exciting chapter in the NCT saga.

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