MS in Marketing in the UK: A Complete Guide


If you are looking to get exemplary marketing training then you must pursue a masters in marketing in the UK. By doing this you get the opportunity to learn masters in marketing at some of the finest British business schools. Furthermore, you get a marketing degree that enjoys a great reputation worldwide. In other words, it’s worth it to move to the UK for pursuing masters in marketing. With this in mind, today we are going to share with you a complete guide to enrolling yourself in masters in marketing course in the UK.

Here’s everything that you need to know to pursue a marketing learning program in a British business school/university.

Why You Must Think About Studying Marketing at a British University?

Following are the reasons why you must think about pursuing a master in marketing in a British training institute:

1. The UK house some of the finest training institutes for studying marketing. Thus, you can expect to get top-quality      marketing training at the study destination.

2. By pursuing a marketing course in a British learning institute, you get access to amazing opportunities.

3. Marketing graduates who hold British degrees are highly employable.

4. British training institutes offer many fantastic marketing specialization courses to students. For instance, you can        pursue specialization programs like international marketing, digital marketing, etc. in the UK. To learn about                admission requirements for pursuing an international marketing program in a British training institute feel free to        contact our UK education consultants in Chandigarh.

Top Universities

Following are some of the finest British learning institutes in which you can pursue a master in marketing:

  1. 1. Imperial College London

2. University of Edinburgh

3. King’s College London

4. The University of Manchester

5. University of Warwick

6. University of Glasgow

7. Queen Mary University of London

8. University of Birmingham

9. University of Sheffield

Course Highlights

At most British educational institutions, the duration of the MS in marketing course is two years. While studying you will learn about marketing research, digital marketing, etc. Besides this, you will learn about marketing analytics, strategic brand development, strategic market development, etc.

Admission Requirements

To enroll yourself in a master’s in marketing course in the UK you will have to fulfill certain admission requirements. However, requirements for joining a marketing course in the nation can differ between educational institutes. Following are the requirements you must meet to join MS in marketing educational program at a British educational institution:

  1. 1.  A UG degree

2. Score: 70%

3. IELTS score: 7.0

4. TOEFL score: 90

5. Letter of recommendation

6. Statement of Purpose

7. Copy of passport

8. Recent photographs

9. Proof of funds

  1. 10.Proof of accommodation

11. A medical certificate, etc.

Necessary Documents

Following documents, you will need to submit to pursue a master in marketing at a British training institute:

  1. 1. Academic transcripts

2. Letter of recommendation

3. Statement of Purpose

4. IELTS scorecard

5. TOEFL scorecard

6. Proof of funds

7. Proof of accommodation

8. A medical certificate

9. Recent photographs

10.Copy of passport, etc.

Admission Process

Following are the steps that you can follow to enroll yourself in MS in marketing training program in the UK:

  1. 1. Finalize the British business school in which you will complete your marketing course

2. Submit application form

3. Upload necessary documents

4. Pay application fees

5. Appear for interview

6. Wait for LOA

7. Apply for visa

8. Fly to the nation to complete your marketing course

Cost of Education

Studying marketing in a British learning institute can be very expensive for Indian students. But you can always apply for a marketing scholarship in the nation for solving this issue. However, on average you will need around GBP 40,000 to pursue a master’s in marketing course at a British learning institute. Following is the fee that you will require to pay to study marketing at different British learning institutes:

  1. 1. Imperial College London: GBP 34,400

2. University of Edinburgh: GBP 28,200

3. King’s College London: GBP 31,260

4. The University of Manchester: GBP 26,000

5. University of Warwick: GBP 32,250

6. University of Glasgow: GBP 27,930

7. Queen Mary University of London: GBP 28,950

8. University of Birmingham: GBP 27,540

9. University of Sheffield: GBP 28,700


British learning institutes offer lots of marketing scholarships to exemplary candidates. However, one thing you must know is that it is not easy to qualify for these financial support programs. You will have to face fierce competition to qualify for these marketing scholarships. Following are the different marketing scholarships for which you can apply in the nation:

  1. 1. Dean’s Excellence Scholarship Programme

2. Imperial Excellence Scholarship. To learn about the eligibility criteria for the Imperial Excellence Scholarship feel free to contact our Abroad education consultants.

3. International Merit Postgraduate Scholarship

Job Opportunities

Following are the different roles you can take up in the nation after pursuing a master’s in marketing:

1. Marketing Manager

2. Digital Marketing Executive

3. Marketing Assistant

4. Product Manager

5. Brand Manager

6. Strategic Analyst

7. Accountant Executive


If you plan to get high-quality marketing education then the UK is optimal for you. British learning institutes offer amazing marketing training to students. Furthermore, marketing graduates from British business schools are also highly employable to study in UK. In other words, you won’t regret completing your marketing training at a British educational institution. The MS in marketing is basically a high level course which provides all the learning modules in the marketing course. The students who are really interested in pursuing marketing course they can easily get the counselling from the best companies which provides the universities for Indian students to study in UK.

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