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Australians have spent more money on house improvements during the years of the pandemic than they have during any previous period. We began increasing our spending on renovations as COVID arrived, spread, and rendered. Making much of Australian life immobile; state and international borders were closed, and entire cities were placed under lockdown.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics found that homeowners renovated their homes to the tune of billions of dollars. Expressing clearly that they believed it was a safer time to bet on the property. Almost twice as much as what we put into the improvements just ten years ago. Therefore, in order to assist you, Queensland architects are available to you. 

A modern take on the classic Hamptons

The Hamptons style has a classic look to it, thanks to the whitewashed walls, provincial blue accents, and weatherboard facades that are characteristic of the style.

Homes decorated in a coastal, urban, or Scandi style have been the second, third, and fourth respectively. Among the most popular choices after those decorated in a Hamptons design style theme.

People are including more components in their designs in order to achieve a resort-style atmosphere.

After the pandemic on a worldwide scale, individuals just want to relax at home and act like they’re on vacation. This is where architects in Queensland show their creativity through:-

Tropical interior and exterior design elements – include rattan lighting fixtures, wicker furniture, exposed rafters, textured wallpaper, rich woods, and plants native to tropical regions. 

Modern Mediterranean

The second most common design motif was one with a coastal feel. Certain individuals have the need for something that is a little bit different, but they are unsure exactly how to go about achieving that goal.

Terrazzo tiles, peach hues, and a curving wall with a Laminex scalloped curved statement wall are some of the elements that contribute to this style’s signature look. This design hits all the right notes with its breezy open living, huge windows, and timber floors.

The muted tones and varied textures of the materials used in the showcase home were chosen to complement various architectural elements of the residence. In addition to it, there is a sizable open foyer right beside the door, as well as an atrium.

Space partitioning

Large, open floor plans are still very desirable. Construction industry statistics show that more homeowners want their new houses to have modern conveniences like home offices, second living rooms, and mudrooms included.

Separate living quarters for the family and the children, or even a whole kid-only wing, are also common features of modern homes. A sunroom-like space off the main living area that can be closed off with French doors for quiet contemplation.

Getting rid of the large butler’s pantry

Large butler pantries and laundry rooms were always highly sought after, but lately, Queenslanders have shifted their preferences. They started out wanting a large dwelling, but they have since shifted their focus to simpler, more comfortable, and more relaxed ways of life. Life can be achieved without increasing the size of their home significantly through factors such as clever, practical, and well-thought-out design.

Ten years ago, these areas were highly sought after. Nowadays, homeowners are more likely to request a private pantry inside the kitchen that features some creative shelving and bench space for equipment. A beautiful set of French doors is a lovely addition to any room, and that includes a modest pantry or cupboard. Your main kitchen will seem quite open and less cluttered, and the extra visual interest will be delightful.


People living in Queensland have voiced the demands to transform the interior of their residential buildings. Nonetheless, Queenslander architects offer a plethora of recommendations and enhancements. The plans are implemented to the delight of the architects and the residents.

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