Top 6 Mistakes Students Make While Writing Assignments

Writing Assignments

If you are a student, you are no stranger to assignment writing. Though assignment writing is something they do quite often, writing them accurately is a challenge for some. Students make many mistakes during assignment writing, from messing up the grammar to including wrong data. But students must always keep striving to learn from their past mistakes. Making mistakes and implementing the learnings from those mistakes is the only way students can improve the assignment quality.

This is the only reason asking, “Can anyone write my assignment for me?” should never be the first thing you should do if you are stuck with assignments. Instead, you must try to learn and do it yourself for true value addition. But it certainly helps students if they know the common mistakes they make while writing an assignment. Here, I discuss the top 6 mistakes that are most common –

  1. Not understanding the assignment correctly

This is the most common mistake that most students make. They start doing the assignments as soon as they get the assignments, without understanding the underlying meaning of the assignments. The assignments in the advanced classes are often very confusing and are not straightforward in nature. So, if students don’t understand the true meaning of the topics, they will keep making mistakes, and the whole effort will result in a null. 

To avoid such circumstances, students should always read the instructions carefully. If required, ask the professors multiple times till you have full clarity. If there is no one to ask, read the instructions multiple times. Sometimes taking a step back and re-reading the instructions can help you see things in a new light.

  1. Not managing your time

Another common mistake students keep on doing is leaving everything for the end. The assignments demand a huge time commitment and undivided focus. When students leave the writing for the last few days, they start rushing through everything and eventually make several mistakes. Students also need to research in-depth to write an assignment accurately. Browsing through hundreds of files, journals, and websites takes time. When students try to gather information for a 100-page assignment within a day, they cannot delve into that much detail. 

This is why you must always try to plan your work with enough time in hand. When your professor assigns a task, take a quick look to ascertain how much time you may need to do it. Plan accordingly, and you will never face issues in managing your schedule.

  1. Poor research quality

No assignment paper is complete without well-researched data. Students should know how to present their claims with enough evidence. So having strong research skills is a must for students. However, students don’t realise the importance of research skills and end up writing subpar assignments. 

Start working on your reading skills to develop your research skills. Start reading extensively on various topics. The more you will read, your speed will increase. Gradually you will be able to read more content in less time. Thus, you can complete your research faster, having enough time to cite the sources to validate your argument. 

Another shortcoming that most students have is not knowing where to look for the best content. So, they waste their valuable time looking at places from where they won’t get any significant help. So, it is better to discuss with the seniors and the professors about the right websites to get the best research materials.

  1. Insufficient or excessive writing

The assignments that the students are asked to do come with specific word limits. Abiding by the word limit is extremely crucial for students. The universities usually have strict policies for their word limits, and failing to meet them results in a loss of grades. Many students make the mistake of including too much information in the assignments that exceed the specified word limit. On the other hand, students get too aware of the word limit and fall drastically short of the word count. Both of them are errors that students should be careful about.

The right way to tackle this issue is by providing enough information that provides full clarity on the topic. Practice how to write concise information and take guidance from assignment help experts if needed. Once you understand how much you must reveal, tackling this issue will be easier for you.

  1. Using inappropriate vocabulary

University assignments are formal in nature. So, you should know the right vocabulary to make it seem formal and refined. Students often make the mistake of using colloquial language or abbreviations, not suitable for university assignments. While writing assignments, you must also be careful not to use any cuss words. Overusing jargon also makes the assignments difficult to understand. So, use only standard vocabulary that anyone can easily comprehend.

  1. Missing citations

Another common mistake most students make is not providing enough citations and references. It is extremely important to acknowledge the work of the other writers who inspired you to write your paper. So, I strongly advise the students to learn about referencing techniques and learn how to make correct citations. Knowing this will not only ensure higher grades but also will save you from falling into the grasp of plagiarism unknowingly. 

Summing up:

There are many other elements that need to be addressed while writing an assignment. For example, using improper word structure, writing weak introductions or conclusions, and resorting to plagiarism – all of these can be detrimental to any assignment.

Many students don’t get the time or simply forget to proofread the assignments before the final submission. All these elements may seem small, but these small errors can put water on your entire effort. So, go through this blog, and understand the errors that students commonly make. Remember these errors and avoid them while writing your next assignment to become the professors’ favorite and finally score your dream grades. 

Author Bio:

Anne Gill is a top-rated professor of English in a reputed college. She is the author of multiple books and also acts as a freelance tutor for, write my dissertation for me uk with their assignment needs.

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