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A master bathroom with all the high-end features can make your home look lavish. You have to remove the old fixtures if they have worn out and replace the old ones with new fixtures.

A new bathtub, an antique mirror, new bath fixtures, or decorative lights can be a few good ideas that you can incorporate into your master bath space.

If you are looking for trusted Alhambra bathroom remodel contractors, then you should contact Queen Remodeling. Let us know a few master bathroom remodeling ideas from our experts.

Add Art work

You can add a few attractive artworks or paintings on the walls of your master bathroom to give it an artistic look. Choose the painting depending on the color and décor of your space. This will add a premium look to your space.

Add Shelves

Shelves are a unique way to showcase the premium bath items. You can place a few antique decorative pieces on these shelves to highlight a corner or an wall. Moreover, adding a few hanging plants will add a nice cascading look to the space.

Go with all white concepts

White gives an ultra modern feeling to an area; be it your kitchen or bath unit. If you choose white tiles, white walls, white cabinets, etc, then you can get a premium and an elegant look in your bathroom.

If you feel the design is looking monotonous, then add a painting with pop of colors to break the monotony in a white bathroom.

Add lights and mirrors

Lights can be a great option to accessorize a place. If you want to enhance the look of your bathroom then you need to add hanging lights or pendant lights to the space to add that beauty to the space.

You can also go with ceiling-mounted lights, which will make the space look brighter. Lights not only add aesthetics to the space but also make the space look brighter and bigger.

A decorative mirror also accentuates the look of your bathroom. It also makes the space look brighter and bigger. If you are a creative person then you can add vintage mirrors to accessorize the place.

Add golden accents

To make your bathroom a retreat, you can add golden accents like golden frames to the mirror or golden bath fixtures such as taps, showerheads, etc. This will make your space look like a spa.

Add Greenery

Lastly, you should invest in some ornamental indoor plants to decorate your bathroom. Some indoor plants are capable of absorbing excess moisture from the air and hence help keep the place airy and moisture-free. So, you can go with some green plants that can survive in your bathroom.

Place scented candles

Scented candles will elevate your mood and create a calm spa-like atmosphere in your bathroom. You can place a few decorative candle holders as well to accentuate the spa vibes in your bath space.

Reduce visual clutter

You should eliminate all the clutter that is creating visual disturbances. Remember, a cluttered space cannot give a calming atmosphere. So, you should organize your bathroom to keep it clutter-free.

Install a bathtub

A bathtub is an essential part of a master bathroom, if you want to give it a look of retreat. Install a bathtub with the help of a professional to add a premium look to your space.

Add an Aroma Diffuser and dimmed lights

Aroma diffusers will add a beautiful fragrance in your bathroom and thus can calm down your stress and worries. Similarly, dimmed lights can appeal your senses and give a soothing effect to your bath space. You can have a great bathing experience by adding these tiny features to your bathroom.


If you are confused about how to revamp your master bathroom, then you can contact our expert bathroom remodelers that will guide you with all the necessary details.

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