Lost Mary Elf Bar Review | Specifications and Features

Lost Mary Elf Bar

If you are looking for a device that has simple functioning, stylish appeal, and comfortable handling, the Lost Mary Elf Bar is ideal for you. The device is gaining popularity among users new to vaping and existing ones who carry disposables around in their pockets or bag. With a 5% nicotine concentration, they deliver potent hits that are quite effective in their recreational effects. The 13 ml e-juice offers up to 5000 puffs which further elevates the vaping experience for the users. They are sleek in design which makes them quite handy for daily use. Moreover, their irregular surface provides a better grip and does not cause fatigue even after long usage. Dig deep into the features and specifications given below to know more about the device.  

Lost Mary Elf Bar OS5000 specifications

  • 13ml e-juice
  • 5% nic salt strength
  • 5000 puffs
  • 650mAh battery
  • Type-C charging port

Lost Mary Elf Bar features

  • The new look of the product comes from the design’s logo, which has a full-circle shape and several features.
  • For better use, power indicators are made with a three-level design that has the best grip.
  • The mesh coil gives off a powerful explosion.
  • Design of the planet’s irregular surface dedicated to a good hold

Unboxing the vape

The Lost Mary comes with the vape itself, a USB cable for charging it, and instructions on how to use it. It also comes in a tin that looks really cool and is perfect for giving as a gift.

Lost Mary vapes have a Type-C Charging Port that supports fast charging and helps you resume your vaping sessions quickly. This means that the vape will last until the last drop. At this price, you’re almost certain to like this vape because it’s the real deal in the market with unmatched specifications at this cost.

The OS5000 doesn’t come with e-juice, which is something else you should know. So if you want to fill it out right away, keep that in mind. You’ll definitely want to have some e-juice on hand.

How is the Lost mary vape different from other vapes

When you compare the Lost Mary to other disposable vapes such as Lykcan Belo, the size will be the first thing you notice. It’s smaller than many other disposables, which is good if you want to be discreet. It has well-balanced concentrations for recessive effects that make it ideal for beginners and users who want to perform their routine work efficiently.

The device also has a really useful battery indication for telling the users in which slot their battery lies. Thai helps them to plan their sessions and charge timely whenever required. This isn’t something you usually see on these kinds of vapes, so it’s nice to see. Though there may be some vapes that cost less, they have poor build quality and can break easily, endangering the leakage of e-juices. The price of Lost Mary vape is quite decent and offers unmatched quality in that segment. 

Popular flavors

Some of the most unique and highly popular Lost Mary vape flavors are 

Blue cotton candy – It was very sweet and cold, even better than some other cotton candies I’ve tried recently, but some people might have thought it was too much.

Juicy Peach – It tastes sweet, like a peach. On the inhale, it’s sweet and tasty and has an icy and peachy aftertaste. Most of the puffs taste sweet, with a hint of fruit just below the sweetness. A strong MTL hit that tastes like sweet fruit and ice.

Strawberry Pina Colada – When mixed with a little ice and other fruit flavors, it makes a great flavor that reminds you of a drink. Because they use a lot of coconut flavoring, it seems colder than it is.


Lost Mary Elf Bar vapes are gaining popularity due to their simple functioning and classified design. With a sleek design, they are ideal for carrying around and their large quantity of e-juice offers you 5000 puffs for uninterrupted sessions. 

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