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ovulation bleeding

Everyone heard about the term “ menstrual bleeding” but relatively few heard of ovulation bleeding”. Yes, this term does exist- the reason for the unawareness can be anything-  illiteracy, ignorance, self-reservation, etc. Whereas some people believe that they both are the same yet they are not. Both have separate time cycles from one another. Here, everything is explained and specified for you so that you are able to know more about your own body. Because at the end of the day, your justifications won’t help you; only the right information and direction will.

What is Ovulation Bleeding?

Many women experience vaginal spotting between their periods. It can indicate the variety of reasons behind it such as pregnancy, health issues, or ovulation bleeding. Below are some of the facts that will tell you whether it’s ovulation bleeding or not. So, have a look!

It is vaginal bleeding or spotting that occurs before or after ovulation immediately.

The time cycle for this bleeding is usually in the middle of the menstrual cycle.

The change in the estrogen levels can be its cause of occurring.

It is not an indication of pregnancy. In spite, it means you are in your fertile window.

The color of ovulation or discharge is” egg white cervical mucus”. It’s mostly observed in your most fertile window.

It occurs between 1-2 days within the fertile window

Symptoms of Ovulation

These below mentioned are the common symptoms that you can experience during ovulation.

Weight gain and Bloating during ovulation

Tender breasts and Cramping

Diarrhea and pelvic pain

Light vaginal bleeding or spotting may be mixed with Clear, slippery discharge like egg whites

Along with these symptoms, you may experience excessive pain or cramps in the lower area, popularly known as “ ovulation pain”.Let’s discuss the reason behind it.

What is ovulation pain and the reason for it?

The ovulation pain you experience can be dull, sudden, or sharp. It usually depends on which ovary is releasing the egg i.e, right-hand side or left-hand side. It sometimes remains just for 2-5 minutes or continues for the entire day. The ovulation bleeding flow is very light as compared to menstrual bleeding.


Before the release of the egg with ovulation, the surface of the ovary stretches because of follicle growth, resulting in causing pain or cramps. The releasing of blood from the follicle hurts the lining of the abdomen, which causes pain to happen.

Bottom Line

The above-stated information is regarding ovulation bleeding, pain, or symptoms that you might encounter. So, next time- don’t freak out! Until and unless abnormal or heavy bleeding is noticed. Otherwise, just be relaxed and cool -if you spot lighter bleeding in the middle of the month. 

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