IVF Cost in Delhi: Affordable Fertility Treatment

ivf cost in Delhi

How much does IVF cost in Delhi?

There are many fertility treatments however the most successful and popular treatment is still IVF (In Vitro Fertilization). This treatment has the success rate which is higher than other treatments. Moreover, the cost of this treatment is even affordable than other. That is why everyone recommends this treatment before any other. Still, the best place for everyone to have this treatment at is none other than Delhi India. The IVF cost in Delhi, India is the most affordable. Additionally, everyone can come to Delhi for their fertility treatment; the health services here are open for foreigners too. With a dedication to provide success to every couple, the clinics in Delhi keep working hard. The IVF cost in Delhi is INR 1, 80,000 to INR 2, 30,000.

ivf cost in Delhi
ivf cost in Delhi

Why choose World Fertility Services?

There are many centres to provide fertility treatments to everyone. However, the best centre is still none other than World Fertility Services. This centre is the best and everyone should select it for their treatment. The reasons behind why people should choose this centre are given below:

  • They have professionals and specialist doctors
  • The success rate here is higher
  • Prices are all reasonable and affordable
  • Best techniques and high level technology
  • Various skills and advanced level treatments
  • Professional and friendly staff members
  • Mail: possible@worldfertilityservices.com
  • Call Number: +91-9560712022.

What procedure includes in the IVF cost in Delhi?

To understand why the cost is INR 1, 80,000 to INR 2, 00,000, we should understand the medical process of IVF. IVF has many procedure steps in its process, and each step can affect the IVF total cost. Therefore, here we need to learn about the procedure:

  • Medical Examination – The first step of IVF process is to examine couples thoroughly. For this the doctor would run few tests and ultrasounds.
  • Counselling – The second step is counselling which is necessary to ready the couple’s minds. Moreover, counselling is necessary for providing treatment related details to the patients.
  • Stimulation Injection – The third step of IVF is to stimulate the ovaries of the female partner with a hormonal injection. This is important for the increase in growth of the ovaries.
  • Gametes Retrieval – In this step doctors retrieve the gametes of the couple. For this they have to wait for the female ovulation period. Meanwhile male gametes can be collected anytime.
  • Fertilization Process – Once the gametes are here the doctors will combine them to form an embryo through the fertilization process.
  • Embryo Transfer – After 2-3 days observation of the embryo doctors will transfer it into the female uterus.
  • Result – The last step is to confirm the pregnancy after 2 weeks. For this step the couple has to come to the clinic again. If the pregnancy result is negative that means the couple would have to repeat the whole process.

What affects the IVF cost in Delhi?

There are many factors that can affect the IVF treatment cost in Delhi that is why everyone should learn about them so that their IVF price would not increase without them knowing the reason. The first factor to affect the cost is the clinic choice. There are many clinics and every clinic would give you a different price, such as the Indira IVF Delhi price. Only the best IVF centre in Delhi with price lower than other centres is the best choice for everyone.

The second factor to affect the IVF cost in India Delhi is the medical cost. During IVF treatment there are many medical tests and ultrasound to be done. Even the cost of the medicines is high. Then comes the medical process’ cost. All these prices make the medical cost. Even a slight high and low in them can affect the medical cost and the medical cost can affect the total IVF price in Delhi.

Then there are the prices of egg freezing cost in Delhi and price of IUI in Delhi. If the couple need to use them then their IVF total cost in Delhi would again be high.

Which centre provides the best IVF cost in Delhi?

Everyone wants cheapest IVF in Delhi; however, IVF centre in Delhi cost is not always cheap. Therefore, they need to look for the best centre to receive low cost IVF treatment in Delhi. Such centre is none other than World Fertility Services. This centre provides low and genuine costs of the treatments. Moreover, the counselling price here is free of cost. This centre provides a free video consultancy to every patient. That is how they save the patients’ money.

Secondly, the success rate at this centre is higher than other centres. That means every time a patient comes they would not have to spend money on multiple attempts. Moreover, the doctors here have high skills; they would not recommend the use of advance treatments and donor gametes unless the couple really needs them. This way they would be able to save the money by not needing these advanced treatments.

Thirdly, this centre focuses on the mental preparation of the couple too. If the couple is not mentally prepared then they would not be able to have a better success. Therefore, this way too this centre is helping lowering the IVF charges in Delhi for them. They also provide IVF package in Delhi.

There are many more ways this centre lowers the cost to make it affordable. However, for more knowledge couples should contact the centre and directly ask them.

How to lower the IVF cost in Delhi?

Now that we know about the IVF cost in Delhi, the factors that affect this cost and the centre that provides the most affordable IVF in Delhi; then now we should proceed to learn about how to lower, how to make sure this cost would not increase.
First of all couples need to know that success is directly connected with the cost of the treatment. That means if the couple does not have a good success they would not be able to have a lower cost. Therefore, for this they should manage their health. As long as they have a good health they would be able to adapt well with their treatment. This would increase the success rate and save their money.

Moreover, for this they need to stop all addictions and bad habits. Smoking and drinking can harm the fertility of the gametes. Therefore, they need to especially stop it right away. Also, they should listen to the instructions of their doctors for better success.

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