Is it Worth Study in the USA for Indian students? Let’s Check Out

Study in the USA

There is a common fear among students in developing countries related to travelling abroad to a country like the USA for further education. They wonder whether it will be necessary after all. Other factors that bother them include the worry of cultural adjustment and financial backup.

But keeping aside the dollars and posh campus adjustments, why not look at the bigger picture, i.e., you get exposure to world-class experiences!

Besides, there are funded scholarships to study in the USA, specifically for Indian students. Hence, why let go of suc opportunities?

Now, if you are still unsure of whether studying in the USA is worth the hype, read on for more insights.

Why Must You Choose the USA as the Destination for Your Higher Studies?

I have listed some of the top reasons that will be enough to convince you to enrol for a course in the USA. Let us get right to it!

  • Home to top colleges:Do you know 5000+ universities are located in the USA, and the majority of them are among the top institutions worldwide. In fact, Cornell University, Yale University, Harvard University, , Columbia University are only a few of the examples.
  • Worldwide recognition of degrees:An American degree will put you on the global map of career opportunities. It open doors for you in top firms in the USA, but that’s not where it ends. Your will be able to secure a higher position when you return to your native land with your global standards.
  • Many career options: A degree from the USA will help you land a better position. You also have the choice to complete internships to obtain a certificate of experience that will be respected both domestically and internationally.
  • Cultural diversity:Just like shown in the movies, the USA is indeed a melting pot for various cultures. You can socialise and make friends with students from a variety of nations, which will broaden your understanding of various cultures.
  • Flexible educational system:There are more options for schooling in the USA. The subject for your Master’s degree must only be chosen in the second year of a Bachelor’s programme. There is no obligation to select it in the first year.
  • Dedicated support– Moreover, universities in the USA offer a variety of sorts of help that is only available to overseas students. The students will find it simpler thanks to the language courses, orientation programmes, etc.

You can also earn some dollars by doing internships or working 20 part-time hours per week throughout the semester and 40 full-time hours per week during the semester breaks.

This way, you can balance your budget and improve your financial situation.

What Qualifications Do You Need to Fulfil to Study in the USA?

Major concerns that bother students are what steps they have to cross to get enrolled in their desired universities. You see, the process is the same for all the students, fulfilling some test scores, which will measure your skill sets.

Here is an insight into the details of course qualification –

  1. Programs leading to a Bachelor’s degree

You need all of your academic certificates if you want to apply for a Bachelor’s degree in the USA. In addition, an IELTS score of at least 5.5 is essential. It is necessary to have a TOEFL score between 70 and 89.

  1. Master’s Programs

Next, your bachelor’s score must be between 65% and 70% in order to enrol in a master’s programme in the USA. Also, at least a minimum GRE score of 290 is required, and you must also provide an evidence of your English language skills.

  1. Doctoral Programs

You must submit your academic transcripts in order to enrol in a PhD programme in the USA. Moreover, the GMAT and GRE scores you have will be computed.

What Scholarships are Available for Indian Students in the USA?

Many Indian students aspire to study in the United States but for financial limitations, this dream often remains unfulfilled.

But gladly there are multiple scholarships offered to Indian students in the United States, and if you are diligent enough, you can reap the rewards of getting one or more for yourself.

Some of them are –

  • AEF Scholarship

Scholarship Amount: $20,000

No matter their immigration status, ethnicity, or nationality, immigrant students can apply for an Ascend Educational Fund (AEF) scholarship.

The only requirement is you must be a graduating senior from a high school in New York City, born outside of the United States. Alternatively, both of your parents must be born outside of the United States.

  • Asian Women in Business Scholarship Fund

Scholarship amount: $2,500

For Asian female students who succeed in leadership and entrepreneurship, the Asian Women in Business Scholarship Fund is available. Naturally, you must be a female Asian applicant to qualify for this grant. Candidates must furthermore apply with a minimum GPA of 3.0.

  • Chicago Booth School of Business

Next, the Chicago Booth School of Management affiliates merit-based scholarships in a variety of fields. The foundation donors’ contributions determine how many scholarships are given out annually.

Also, the scholarship applicants are scrutinised  based on a number of criteria, such as the academic abilities, career aspirations, and performance in interviews.

  • LSEF – UMass Scholarship

Scholarship Amount: $29,500

The University of Massachusetts Amherst provides this fellowship to a selective group of students who are pursuing post-graduate degrees in subjects like public policy, data analytics, and applied economics.

If you are an Indian student who recently completed three years of an undergraduate degree programme, you are definitely qualified to apply for this scholarship.

Moreover, there are affiliated scholarships specifically for Indian students. The rest remains how you manage it as per your calibre, right?

Final Words,

No doubt studying in the USA is challenging and highly competitive. But, what bothers students more is whether the nation has opportunities for students from India. Well, you cannot assume everything without experiencing it live. But what you can learn is there is an abundance of educational benefits and resources waiting for you.

Eventually, you will anyway be a part of the fast-running professional industry in the USA. So, why worry? Bookmark this blog to take on the right path and fulfil your dream career.

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