Implant Dentistry in Noida Through Floss Dental Clinic

Implant Dentistry in Noida

Dental implants are an effective solution to missing teeth. By replacing missing tooth roots and looking natural, dental implants help prevent jawbone deterioration while protecting jawbone health. Unfortunately, however, the process can be more involved than expected.

An excellent dental clinic can make sure your implant treatment goes smoothly. When choosing an implant dentist, be sure to look for transparent pricing and regular follow up.

Guided Implant Placement

Dental implants have revolutionized how we replace missing teeth. Their natural appearance and feel makes them the ideal replacement, without disturbing adjacent teeth, while simultaneously helping maintain jawbone health by keeping bone activity active in their vicinity and preventing any bone loss that might otherwise result from tooth loss. Although implant-supported artificial replacement teeth may last a lifetime with proper maintenance they must remain looking and performing their best over time.

Prior to guided implant placement, dentists relied on x-rays and photographs of the mouth to decide where to install implants. Now, computer-aided technology helps your dentist plan your surgery and create a surgical implant guide. This makes implant placement simpler while decreasing chances of error while simultaneously improving quality.

Your dental professional will utilize a cone beam CT (CBCT) scanner to generate a three-dimensional representation of your mouth and surrounding structures, which they will then pass along to an implant dentist who will use the data collected to craft an ideal surgical guide that ensures placement, depth, and angle are ideal.

Guided implant surgery is much faster than traditional implant placement, enabling your dentist to make smaller incisions and minimize risks of complications. Furthermore, this procedure uses a flapless technique which minimizes discomfort for patients.

Guided implant placement may also provide immediate oral function restoration after same-day placements. Furthermore, guided implant placement may allow some ineligible for implant treatment to benefit from this therapy as well.

If you have lost one or more natural teeth, our team at Floss Dental Clinic in Noida can offer beautiful and durable dental implant-supported teeth that will allow you to smile with confidence again. Trust in us to restore your oral health, boost your self-esteem and give you years of healthy chewing and smiling ahead. Contact us now and learn more – we look forward to hearing from you!

Bone Grafting

Dental implants provide a long-term solution for missing teeth that look and feel just like natural ones, making a safe and effective treatment option for patients suffering from lost or failing teeth. Furthermore, dental implant placement requires strong jawbone support that is undamaged from disease; otherwise a bone graft may be required prior to implant placement.

Dental bone grafts involve adding granulated bone material directly to an area in need of more bone, whether taken from within a patient’s own body or obtained through tissue banks. They may be performed at the same time as tooth extraction to avoid an empty socket and speed healing time; there are three main types: Sinus lift thickens the upper jaw where sinuses reside; socket preservation fills any resulting empty spaces after extractions occur; and ridge expansion expands alveolar ridges supporting teeth by adding height and width expansion of alveolar ridges supporting alveolar ridges which support tooth roots.

After placing the graft, a surgeon stitches it closed. Following surgery, patients may feel soreness and tenderness for several days but should gradually decrease as their healing begins. Ice packs should be applied directly on the area to reduce swelling and pain; hard, crunchy foods or hot beverages should be avoided in order to minimize irritation to the surgical site. Sleeping with one’s head slightly elevated may also help decrease discomfort and swelling.

After the graft has healed, a dentist can begin preparing the area for implant placement. First, the doctor places a fixture into the gum line that holds an implant crown – an artificial tooth designed to look and function just like an original tooth. Following this stage is osseointegration – which typically takes months – when patients should consume soft or chewy foods to promote faster healing.


Dental implants provide a lasting solution for missing teeth, offering multiple advantages over more traditional approaches such as dentures or bridges. Intended to look and feel just like natural teeth, dental implants are surgically placed into the jawbone where they bond to bone cells through osseointegration; this ensures replacement teeth look and feel like the original ones, giving you confidence when smiling with pride!

Dental implants can also help restore your bite, prevent additional tooth loss, and minimize jawbone deterioration. Before making a decision to pursue this treatment, several factors must be taken into consideration first; to gain more information regarding dental implants in Noida it would be wise to speak to a specialist dentist in this field.

Implant Dentistry in Noida procedures typically are completed under local anesthesia and patients typically report that it is no more painful than tooth extraction. To help ensure an infection-free healing period, it’s essential that patients brush and floss regularly during this phase. A reliable dentist will provide instructions following surgery as well as follow up visits post op in order to monitor recovery processes.

At Floss Dental Clinic, our team of expert dentists specialize in placing dental implants. Utilizing computer-guided technology to plan the procedure and place the implants precisely where you desire in your jawbone, they decrease recovery time while increasing accuracy of placement – offering an affordable and reliable method for replacing missing teeth.

Dental implants not only offer aesthetic advantages, but are also far more durable than alternatives such as removable dentures or bridges. Furthermore, their greater comfort makes eating your favorite meals a pleasure while helping prevent adjacent teeth from shifting or loosening over time.

Dental implants can generally be provided to anyone healthy enough for oral surgery and who exhibits excellent dental health, however it’s essential that those receiving them be free from acute disease, bone/soft tissue infections, uncontrolled metabolic diseases, psychiatric disorders or parafunctional habits such as teeth clenching.

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