How To Use Haldi Drops? Is It Healthy To Use All Day?

haldi drops

You have probably heard of turmeric before. It is a spice that is used in the making of curry. Maybe you also find them as a supplement in the local health store. Turmeric spice is available at raw, powder, capsules and liquid.

Haldi Drop is the latest technology to add haldi to the diet in a more effective way. It is based on the pure curcumin extract that is effective for many health problems. It strengthens the immunity and creates the defence to the body. A haldi drop is beneficial for general health and immunity boost. The turmeric drop or liquid substance is a much more powerful option because it gets easily absorbed by the body. Thanks to the goodness of curcumin, it is responsible for many health problems, even diseases. We will talk about the various benefits of Haldi Drops later.

How To Use Haldi Drops

The process of using haldi drops is easy. It is not hectic. You can consume it as you want, either day or night. First, get your haldi drops online. Make sure to choose a professional and well-known brand for quality purposes. Buy haldi drops or you can prepare them at home as well. The choice is yours. While buying is more good and easy.

  • Open the pack of your brought Haldi Drops.
  • Mix it carefully before using it, So every ingredient gets mixed.
  • Put 2-3 drops of haldi drops in a glass of water for better immunity.
  • Drink it hot after mix it well.
  • You can consume it twice a day or as per a healthcare professional as well. Consume it in the morning and night.

Note: The use of milk is recommended for better immunity. But if you want, you can also use some 2-3 drops in the hot water, dish or any food. Haldi drops are compatible with everything. Moreover, it is suggested to read the label carefully before starting using haldi drop, even if it’s from a well-known brand. For long use, always store the bottle in a safe and dry place.

Is It Healthy To Use All Day?

Yes, it is healthy to use haldi or its extract on a daily basis. It is obvious for Indians to use it all day. We, Indians, use turmeric as a spice in food as a most important ingredient. Science also says that it is healthy to eat or consume haldi or turmeric in the diet even on a regular basis.

According to FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India), you can use a limited dose like- 

  • Rhizome – 1-3 g (as powder)
  • Fresh / Leaf – 5-10 ml (as juice)

So, you can follow the above guideline, if you are thinking of using haldi drops for all day.

Uses and Benefits of Turmeric Drops

  • Haldi Drops is helpful to support a healthy nervous system as well as better cell function. When you feel nervous or out of balance, then you can add some haldi drops to the coconut milk or honey for a delicious drink.
  • The haldi drop is rich in antioxidant compounds that support it to protect your body from free radical damage. Consuming this on the regular basis to supports healthy immune function, as well as the immune response. You can boost your immunity system with time.
  • It is almost impossible to go through life without facing some problems like being out of control, emotional breakdown, etc. You can give yourself a boost by spreading haldi throughout your home to provide an emotionally uplifting environment and enhance your mood. In addition, the consumption of haldi also calms the mood.
  • Haldi has the ability to support healthy glucose and lipid metabolism. Patients suffering from these problems should definitely add haldi to the diet. To better support your metabolism, take a drop or two drops of haldi in at least a glass of water.
  • A haldi is perfect skincare. You can add haldi drops as wonderful skincare for healthy skin. Personalize your facial moisturizer or cream by adding a drop of haldi before applying, to keep your overall skin clean and healthy. Haldi can also be used as a spot treatment to naturally reduce the appearance of blemishes. Drinking Haldi is also effective to make skin clear and glowing for a period of time. 
  • You can take advantage of the strong flavour of haldi by adding some drops of haldi drops in the scrambled eggs, or frittatas, plain rice, soups or any other dish. You can also enjoy the strong spicy flavour with the boiled vegetables. It is an advantage of cooking food with the haldi. It allows you to get the other internal benefits of haldi.
  • For a calming experience, incorporate haldi drops into your recuperation routine after vigorous exertion. Mix a few drops of haldi to coconut oil in the palm of your hand and massage into the skin or hair where you need relief the most.

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