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Moving is often a source of stress and apprehension. Find out how to optimize the organization of your move so that everything goes well on the big day!

Have you anticipated your moving date?

Whether you are moving alone or using super movers, it is important to plan your moving date well in advance. You will be able to plan a day off, notify your loved ones if you intend to ask for their help, and anticipate the administrative procedures that you will have to carry out. Organizing your move cannot be improvised!

Have you correctly estimated the volume to be moved?

The volume to be moved is generally expressed in cubic metres. It is essential to correctly estimate this volume because this information will allow you to establish one or more quotes, or to reserve a rental truck. If you plan to call on professionals, choose a moving company with the I Removals Birmingham  label. Be sure to include bulky furniture and all your valuable possessions in your quote because these items have an impact on the price of a commercial movers. Find out about the compensation arrangements in the event of loss or breakage.

Good to know, you can opt for an, in which the movers only take care of the transport, or for a premium formula. The movers will then take care of packing your boxes, transporting them and then opening them once they arrive in your new home. Some more expensive options also include a temporary storage solution.

Are your boxes in the right size and in sufficient quantity?

Estimating the volume to be moved will allow you to deduce the number of boxes you need. You can buy them in specialized stores or self-storage sites for less than two euros each. But you can also ask the nearest supermarket if they can’t give you a few boxes. Make sure you have enough boxes of all sizes. However, be careful with boxes that are too bulky, which will be more difficult to transport.

Are your documents and valuable items safe?

Are you going to move soon? Take the opportunity to file all your important documents (family record book, property titles, certificates, diplomas, marriage contract, etc.). Be sure to secure them: a precaution that also applies to your jewellery and precious objects. For example, you can equip yourself with a trunk with a lock, an archive box that you will take with you… A Removals Sutton cold field can be a good opportunity to throw away less important documents or even to get your hands on some rare pearls (photos, letters, etc.).

Have you informed your lessor or trustee?

If you are renting your accommodation, remember to submit your notice to leave. The notice period is 3 months before departure as a general rule, but can be reduced to 1 month in the event of job loss, for health reasons or if the accommodation is located in a tense area. Make a date with your landlord or real estate agent to schedule the inventory of fixtures.

If you are an owner, you must inform your trustee of your departure. The trustee will then be responsible for drawing up a statement of expense accounts, to be included in the sales file.

Have you arranged for new home insurance?

When you change accommodation, you must inform your insurer, because the characteristics of your new home (surface area, number of rooms, etc.) will have an influence on the cost of your new home insurance. Take the opportunity to compare the different offers!


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