How to Export PST File from Mac Outlook?

Transfer PST File from Mac Outlook

If you are reading this post here, you are looking for a solution to transfer PST files from Outlook Mac to Windows. If yes, you should continue reading this post till the end and know the easiest and most effective process to export a PST file from Mac Outlook using OLM to PST Converter.

We can use Microsoft Outlook for both Mac and Windows operating systems. Both platforms are similar, but the difference between them is the file format they use to store data. On Mac, OLM files are used for storage, while PST files are used on Windows.

Why Should Users Want to Transfer PST Files from Mac Outlook?

  1. 1. If a user received an OLM file from your client and wants to access it in their profile.
  2. 2. When users want to share Mac mailbox data with coworkers but still use Outlook for Windows.
  3. 3. If you want to migrate from Mac to Windows but want to continue using Outlook for Windows.

How to Export PST File from Mac Outlook?

Before implementing the manual procedure, all Mac Outlook data must be backed up. This is an extremely important step procedure because if you make any mistakes during the process you can always rely on this backup. However, this manual technique has many limitations that we have discussed after the solution. If you are happy with the limitations of the manual technique, you can continue with alternative solutions as we discuss in the next section.

1. Create a new Gmail account and find the settings option.

2. Then press the IMAP and POP tab.

3. Enable IMAP settings.

4. Now, launch Mac Outlook, search for Tools, and then press Accounts.

5. On the Account page, tap email.

6. Enter the email login details press Add Account and go to the following transfer email from Mac Outlook to Windows.

7. Next, open Gmail and again on the settings page and choose labels.

8. Now, create a new label and check the show in the IMAP box.

9. Here, go to Outlook on Mac and select the send and receive buttons to update the IMAP mailbox.

10. After that, you will need to export the emails from Mac Outlook to the newly created IMAP mailbox.

11. To carry out the process, open the Outlook application on Mac.

12. Then a newly created IMAP mailbox.

13. Launch the Outlook application and right right-click on any folder in the mailbox and tap move/copy.

14. Thereafter, tap on the send and receive button to update the Mac Outlook IMAP folder.

15. Finally, all emails will be available in the IMAP account.

16. Now, launch Windows Outlook and set up the same IMAP account with it.

17. Here, transfer Mac mailbox data from IMAP to Outlook.

18. Now you can access or export mailbox data in PST format.

Why Should Users Not Rely on Manual Technique?

  1. 1. Mostly, users cannot implement the steps correctly due to a lack of technical knowledge.
  2. 2. Users consider it to be a complex and time-consuming process.
  3. 3. Sometimes the manual procedure is done incorrectly due to which users face data loss issues.

How to Transfer PST File from Mac Outlook Via Alternative Solution?

As you can see, there are many risks and limitations to the manual technique. Therefore, we recommend you go for MacUncle OLM Converter which is an excellent solution and is specially created to convert OLM files with a maintained mailbox data structure. This wizard is fully developed with advanced programming to get accurate results without facing any data leakage.

  1. Step 1. Download the application on your Windows computer and then launch it.
  2. Step 2. Find the OLM file and open it in the software interface.
  3. Step 3. Tap the PST file in the export multiple option.
  4. Step 4. At the end, set the destination for result and then press save to get the result quickly.

Other Prominent Features of Using Alternative Solutions

  1. 1. Maintained the same mailbox data structure as the original. 
  2. 2. This application is very easy to carry out by all types of technical and professional users.
  3. 3. You can also import OLM to Windows Outlook with this solution.
  4. 4. With this app, you also get a filter feature to convert the necessary data and it is also useful to avoid spam files.
  5. 5. There is no need to download additional applications to complete the process.

Time to Wind Up

In this tutorial, we discuss the effective process of exporting PST files from Mac Outlook. We have also shared the basic introduction and reason behind this error. In addition, we have also explained the manual and alternative solutions to carry out this process. If you can take risks with your mailbox data or have deep technical knowledge, you can proceed with manual solutions. Otherwise, we suggest you proceed with a completely safe workaround to complete the process without any issues. This workaround is fully verified by technical experts and IT administrators before release and recommended to any user and is also a trusted solution for millions of users. If you have any confusion, you can also download the demo version to check its performance and all other beneficial features. Thanks for reading this post we hope after reading this post all the queries relevant to these will be fixed here.

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