How To Copy And Paste On macbook In 7 Different Ways?

The copy paste feature comes in handy when you need to move text, an image, or another item from one area of a document to another, or from one app to another. If you’re coming from Windows, you might be perplexed because the keyboard shortcuts for this on a Mac or MacBook are different from those on other devices. In this write-up, we will discuss how to copy and paste on macbook in different ways. 

How To Copy And Paste On Macbook?

1. Keyboard Shortcuts

So, how to copy and paste on macbook? The fastest way to copy and paste on a MacBook is by using keyboard shortcuts. 

To copy:

  • Highlight the text or item you want to copy
  • Press Command + C keys together to copy
  • To paste:

  • Place cursor where you want to paste 
  • Press Command + V keys to paste the copied content
  • This handy shortcut copies and pastes with just two simple keystrokes. For quick copying needs, keyboard shortcuts save time vs mousing to copy/paste options.

2. Copy and Paste Icons

When you highlight text or an item, copy/paste icons automatically appear. 

To copy:

  • Highlight the desired section
  • Click the Copy icon that pops up (rectangle with arrow facing out)

To paste:  

  • Put cursor where you want to paste
  • Click the Paste icon (rectangle with arrow facing in)
  • The copy/paste icons allow copying and pasting without any keyboard shortcuts. Just recognize and click the icons.

3. Right-Click Menu

If you are wondering how to copy and paste on macbook, the right click menu can be a good solution. A right-click on selected content brings up a menu with copy/paste.

To copy:

  • Select the text or item to copy
  • Right-click and choose Copy from the menu

To paste:

  • Right-click where you want to paste 
  • Select Paste from the menu
  • This gives you copying and pasting just by right-clicking. No shortcuts or icons needed.

4. Edit Menu 

The Edit menu along the top toolbar has copy and paste options.

To copy: 

  • Highlight desired section
  • Go to Edit menu and choose Copy

To paste:

  • Place cursor where you want to paste
  • Go to Edit menu and select Paste
  • Though clicking the menus is slower, it works for copying/pasting if you don’t know the shortcuts.

5. Dock Icons

You can add Copy and Paste icons to the Dock for one-click access.

To copy:

  • Drag Copy icon from Dock to text 
  • Text is copied

To paste:

  • Click location to paste
  • Click Paste icon in Dock
  • With the icons in the Dock, no menus or shortcuts are needed to copy/paste.

6. Without Formatting

If you are looking for how to copy and paste on macbook without formatting, follow the below steps- 

To Copy:

  • Highlight the text, image, or other item you want to copy. You can do this by clicking and dragging your cursor across the content. 
  • With the desired content highlighted, press the “Command” and “C” keys at the same time. 
  • This will copy the selected content and store it temporarily on your clipboard. 

To Paste: 

  • Place your cursor wherever you want to paste the copied content. This can be within the same document, a different application, or a different document entirely.
  • Once your cursor is in the proper location, press the “Command” and “V” keys together. 
  • This will paste the most recently copied content from your clipboard onto the document.
  • You can continue pressing Command+V to paste the same copied content multiple times if needed. The copied content stays on your clipboard and accessible until something new is copied.

7. Copy Paste Between devices 

The ability to copy on one Apple device and paste on another is made seamless thanks to Universal Clipboard. Here is how it works:

On iPhone:

  • Select the text, image, or other content you want to copy as you normally would.
  • Choose Copy from the menu or use the Command+C keyboard shortcut. This copies the content to your iCloud clipboard.
  • The copied content is now available to paste into any other Apple device logged into the same iCloud account. 

On iPad:

  • Select the content to copy and use the Copy command or Command+C shortcut.
  • The content is copied to the shared clipboard in iCloud.
  • You can now switch to your MacBook and the content will be available to paste.

On MacBook:

  • Use the Copy command or Command+C shortcut to copy any content. 
  • The copied content goes on the iCloud clipboard accessible by your iPhone and iPad.
  • Switch to your other devices and you can immediately paste the content using the standard Command+V paste shortcut or Paste menu option.
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does copy and paste work between Mac apps?

A: If you know how to copy and paste on macbook, you can copy content from one app and paste it into another seamlessly.

Q: How do I cut on a Mac instead of copy?

A: Use Command+X or Edit > Cut to remove selected content and store it on your clipboard to paste elsewhere.

Q: How do I paste without formatting on a Mac?

A: Press Shift+Command+V or go to Edit > Paste and Match Style to paste plain text without formatting.

Q: Can I undo a paste on Mac if I make a mistake

A: Yes, immediately go to Edit > Undo Paste or use the keyboard shortcut Command+Z.

Q: How do I copy and paste between my iPhone and MacBook?

A: With Universal Clipboard, copy on one device and paste on the other. Must be signed into iCloud.

Q: How do I copy an image from a website?

A: Right click the image and choose Copy Image or use Command+C if the image is already selected.


Knowing how to copy and paste on macbook allows you to enable swift duplicating, moving, and sharing of text, images, and files. It also allows seamless transfer of content between documents, apps, and Apple devices. Copy and paste significantly improves efficiency and productivity when working on a MacBook by reducing tedious retyping and reformatting. It streamlines workflows and makes content easily reusable.

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