How To Clean And Maintain Your Chevron Parquet Flooring?

Chevron Parquet Flooring

The ability to have a unique and distinctive wooden floor in a room or two is among many homeowners’ lists of things they want to do. For those who are thinking about the possibility of a renovation or new construction, the most effective option to create an impact is to choose Chevron Flooring.


The following guide for chevron-patterned parquet floors will explain the basics of what they are, but they also provide the type of purchasing alternatives and interior design concepts that you can pick from.

How Is Chevron Parquet Flooring Constructed?

There are a variety of ways to build custom flooring in your home using regular flooring materials, which are supplied in a variety of lengths. The floor is finished with an elegant flowing line of parallel lines across the floor. Parquet flooring involves much smaller “tiles”. They are laid out on the floor in symmetrical patterns in accordance with a variety of design choices. Parquet layouts can be extremely complex, using tiny wooden tiles to create geometric patterns. This is a floor design method that was utilized in grand residences across the world – like in the Palace of Versailles – for many years. The term “parquet” actually comes from the French word that means “a small compartment”.


Chevron is where the design has distinctive and eye-catching V-shapes which flow beautifully across the flooring. The tiles made of wood – whether they’re engineered or wood timber is cut into distinct designs, featuring sharp edges to form geometric angles. In contrast, herringbone flooring isn’t cut into this kind of angular pattern. Its rectangular tiles are laid out in parquet flooring designs. The main difference in appearance is that herringbone parquet does not possess the distinct points that make up the chevron zig-zag effect.

Tips For Buying Parquet Flooring In The Chevron Design

Since this flooring style is more complex than the other options, it will require greater attention in regard to its specifications.


The most important thing to do is to buy your parquet flooring from a reliable manufacturer, which provides high-quality products. It is also essential to ensure that the flooring is installed in a manner that is of a high standard. When both of these factors are secured parquet flooring can be as durable and long-lasting as simple, design parallel strips.


There are many alternatives to choose from in the most basic flooring materials. This includes engineered and hardwood wood, and also recycled chevron parquet. What exactly is that? Its simple, reclaimed chevron is flooring made from wood that was previously employed for a different purpose. It is advantageous because the flooring you choose to purchase is pre-aged and has beaten the years of wear and tear. Reclaimed wood can be of excellent quality and looks stunning and lending it the ability to be cut into distinct chevron designs.

What Rooms Look The Best When They Are Decorated Using Chevron-Patterned Parquet?

The short answer to this question is, it’s an issue of personal taste! There are however some generalized opinions regarding the subject that will influence the flooring you choose to use for your chevron-effect floor. For instance, if you choose hardwood flooring, the parquet style will excel in enduring the test of time in hallways or any other room with heavy foot traffic. It is possible to save money and purchase engineered wood parquet. Engineered wood is made up made of natural wood fibres as well as synthetic substrates. It is less expensive as compared to solid wood. But, it’s an extremely durable and attractive option for flooring at home.


Engineered wood chevron Parquet is an excellent choice for rooms that have heated underfloor systems. It is a stunning finish regardless of temperature fluctuations and provides excellent insulation which helps to improve energy efficiency. Another question that is frequently asked regarding the flooring option, is whether it’s appropriate for kitchens and bathrooms. The parquet flooring with the chevron pattern or any other design is usually advised for general living spaces as opposed to spaces that are subject to excessive humidity levels. In the long run, exposure to water splashes or condensation, as well as other environmental elements can cause problems. But, it is contingent on the high quality of material and flooring installation since the best provider can provide items that are highly effective in every room.


Caring For Chevron Parquet Flooring

As mentioned above, this flooring design option can be just as robust as simpler wood floor designs. It is also just as easy to clean and maintain. Cleaning a parquet floor (in any pattern) involves light sweeping with a soft-bristled brush. You should wipe spills up quickly with a microfiber cloth or mop. Use specialist cleaning products that are formulated to be gentle, and the absolute minimum amount of water, to occasionally clean any wood-based flooring material.

One serious note of caution though, Chevron Parquet Flooring can be problematic to restore if the quality of materials – or installation – lets you down. Sanding and re-varnishing chevron floor pieces is a tricky task, as equipment has to be used gently, in various directions, to retain the integrity of the flooring.

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