How to build your own website with SeekaHost.App?

Introduction  Starting a website might seem to be a complex process for beginners but it is not so. Actually, the top websites and blogs we see today weren’t built overnight or in one go. They …

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Starting a website might seem to be a complex process for beginners but it is not so. Actually, the top websites and blogs we see today weren’t built overnight or in one go. They started as simple basic websites and gradually new features were added to them. So, you can also start small with a simple website on a self-hosted domain and develop it gradually. The first two things that are mandatory for any website are domain name and hosting plan.

In this post we will cover step by step procedure to buy domain and hosting and a quick overview of starting with site setup. We have selected a user-friendly platform that makes it easy and quick to buy domain and hosting and setup and manage your site. So, let’s start:

Domain and Hosting: The foundation of your website

Domain name and hosting are the two most basic requirements to start any website. Simply put, a domain name is your universal digital address, and hosting is the digital infrastructure to build your site.

When picking a domain name make sure it is niche-relevant, short, and memorable. Regarding extension, prefer dot Com over others.


  • Domain Extension is the ending portion after the main name. 
  • In case if the .com extension is sold out then other extensions are also fine. Just consider that more common extensions (, .net, etc.) are better than less common ones (.xyz).

What is the panel?

 SeekaHost. the app is the first-ever WordPress Blog Hosting Panel. It is your one-stop platform to register a domain, buy hosting and build & manage your websites- all from a single place. 

The idea behind is a brainchild of Fernando Raymond the founder of SeekaHost- the leading hosting provider of the UK with a repertoire of worldwide clients. Being a blogger himself, Fernando Raymond, aka Digital Nomad, is aware of the complexity of starting and managing a blog. So, app is specially purposed to solve the technical challenges of bloggers- both beginners and advanced. The app has grouped all the key processes for starting, maintaining, and growing a blog into one place and compressed complex processes into a few clicks. 

Why should you buy domain and hosting from

Simple steps, automated processes, and cheap prices make the the best option for beginners. It also has more advanced options to support the needs of growing sites like security, plugins, and SEO.

How to register a domain name on SeekaHost Panel?

  • Open Enter your desired domain name in domain search box and hit Enter button.
  • You will see a search result page that shows domain availability status, price, and shopping button. It also shows a list of names nearest to your desired domain.
  • Now head to the domain name you selected. There will be a “Add to Cart” button. Click there and proceed ahead with checkout 
  • It will open a page asking for your details. Fill the form and again click Next
  • On the Next Page, specify your payment information (Paypal id or Card number). Here you may also opt for additional services like privacy protection by topping up the basic domain price
  • Click Next and complete the order by selecting your preferred payment mode and details. Once done, click on complete order tab.

Steps after Domain Registration Process

  • Check your mailbox for the confirmation from SeekaHost regarding successful domain registration
  • You can see the entire list of your domain names by going to Domain Names  Domains

How to buy a hosting plan from SeekaHost App?

  • All the key options are available in the left pane of the navigation bar. Go there and click Hosting plan  WordPress hosting to see different packages (on the right side (middle column)
  • A starter plan is ideal for beginners with a single website. Unlike other sites, there are no “forced long-term commitments’ ‘- you can start with just a 1-month hosting plan thfirstat comes for $1.49. Plus, there is also an option of a 7-day free trial
  • Click Choose Plan to complete the order
  • On the next page, you will get all the final details. There are two options to choose from- Monthly and Annually. 
  • You can choose any of them but annual plans are 30% cheaper due to the discounted monthly price.  
  •  Click the Continue to subscribe button. Pick your preferred payment method (card or PayPal) and complete your order. 

Choosing appropriate settings before going live

Congratulations, technically speaking, you now have your own digital property to build your site. However, before going live, a few quick steps are needed. 

Create Nameservers

  • Click Websites and Blogs  WordPress sites to see the nameservers list. It will look something like this. Copy both nameservers

  • Next, head to Domain names  Domain and select your domain name from the list
  • Click Settings to see the name servers option on the right
  • Select the option Custom Nameservers and paste the copied nameservers there (ctrl+v or right clickpaste). Now click Change Nameservers

Secure your site

Now enable SSL certificate on the domain name you have purchased. SSL certificate encrypts (converting into codes) any information that is shared through your blog. It is recommended by Google and helps in building trust.

Just activate the padlock icon representing SSL. Generally, it takes around half an hour for SSL to be activated on a site

How to build your WordPress site with

  • Click Websites and blogs WordPress sites Create New WP site (check the middle column)
  • Follow standard processes to install WordPress. You can start learning with a basic site and add more features as the site grow
  • SeekaHost sends you a confirmation mail about the successful setup of your WordPress site along with profiles details like login credentials and access link to WP dashboard.
  • Click on the link, and provide your login credentials to enter the WP admin area where you can build your WP site.
  • Head to Appearance  Themes  Add New
  • There are many themes available there. Here are a few themes that look pretty decent and go along well with different niches: you can change the theme with simple steps anytime in the future
  • You can either choose premium themes or free ones but it is best to go for the latter in the beginning. When your site grows and audiences increase you can then choose the best premium theme for the blog.

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