The Hotelier’s Complete Guide to Google Hotel Reviews

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Online Customer reviews are an integral part of the decision-making process of globetrotters in this digital era. Every traveler will look for details and plans on Google before they start planning for their vacation to find and compare hotels. The overview of each hotel is comprehensively done by Google hotel reviews. It is essential to understand the impact of feedback provided by guests on your business as a hotelier. This is where reviews come into play and you need to add a Google review widget on your website. 

Google has emerged as one of the most popular hotel review platforms across the world. From customer reviews and hotel details to star ratings and room availability. A significant number of hotels still fail to optimize their online visibility on Google searches despite the continuous efforts of Google to help businesses connect with travelers and tourists. Read this blog and explore why Google is overtaking other review platforms and how online reviews will impact your hotel business. 

What Are Google Hotels? 

Google Hotels is a metasearch engine that was launched in 2011 initially as a Google Hotel Finder. Users can directly check the availability and the prices of hotel listings through the platform posted on several online booking websites. For travelers, Google Hotels makes it much easier and simpler to compare amenities and various prices across several online travel websites. 

Google hotels only display listings so that a traveler can spontaneously book hotels after they have done research. Google Hotels doesn’t charge any commission from hotel owners as compared to other booking platforms. As per recent studies, more than 72% of hotel bookings are done after researching on Google, it’s your loss if you don’t optimize your Google Hotels listing. 

The Importance of Google Hotel Reviews

Some of the major benefits of Google reviews for your hotel are mentioned below. 

1. Builds Social Proof 

For successfully running a business, one of the main aspects is to gain the trust of your customers. This is what happens when you embed Google reviews. To attract new travelers, the customer reviews collected by your business can be leveraged easily and win their trust through building social proof. 

2. Enhances Local SEO 

Leveraging Google reviews to gain maximum advantages is an ideal move for your business if you want to enhance your local SEO. The result of the search engines, better Customer reviews are branded by Google rewards by providing them a higher ranking. This can be easily done by asking your guests to leave Google reviews for your hotel. 

3. Higher Brand Value 

To create a better brand value by simultaneously improving your service quality, optimal utilization of resources and tools has the potential. Leveraging Google customer reviews is usually done by getting feedback from your travelers. To improve your brand value, this feedback is crucial, and creating an experience for your guests is also equally important so that they will cherish it for their lives. 

4. Online Increased Reputation

To understand the issues that the guests face while staying at your property, you can get to know them through online Google customer reviews. The strategy of dealing with bad or negative customer reviews can be a game-changer for your business. This will also increase your online reputation. For handling your business’s online reputation and review management, you can select an effective online reputation management provider. 

5. Improves Hotel Revenue 

In improving the revenue of the hotel, your Google reviews will play a crucial role. Before booking a hotel, more than 81% of customers read online Google reviews because Google customer reviews will act as a final word. In Search Engine Rankings, Google reviews mainly the positive reviews on your hotel and vacation property can lead to a good placement of your business. 

Tracking And Monitoring Google Hotel Reviews 

For staying on top of your online reputation, monitoring and tracking your Google hotel reviews is very important. Here are some tactics that you can follow to monitor your online Google reviews. 

1. Use Google Alerts 

When new reviews or mentions of your hotel appear online, Google Alert allows you to receive email notifications. By including your hotel name in the search query, set up a Google Alert to make it easier to monitor whenever a traveler mentions your property in reviews or blogs. 

2. Regularly Check Your Google Maps Listing 

To see if there are new Google reviews, make it a habit to regularly check your Google Maps listing. From your listing, you can directly respond to reviews. Check the policy of Google, before replying to attach the best practices. 

3. Usage of Reputation Management Tool 

Across multiple review sites, to monitor your hotel’s online reputation, use a reputation management tool. The different review sites that you can include in your management tool are, Google, and TripAdvisor. Your reviews also help to provide actionable insights and help to create surveys. 

Ending Note 

For your hotel’s online reputation, Google hotel reviews are an integral part. To improve the experience of your guests, Google Hotel reviews can help you improve your search engine rankings, attract more bookings, and provide valuable feedback. By following these aforementioned tactics, you can receive more reviews, monitor your online reputation, and stay ahead of the competition. 

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