History of Flower Arrangements – An Overview of the Ancient Craft

History of Flower Arrangement

A Historical Insight

Simple arrangements of flowers carry a long history which is traced by centuries and across the entire globe. For those who want to explore this interesting issue further, here is a thorough discussion of the centuries-old way of arranging flowers.

Ancient Egypt: Archaeological discoveries reveal that ancient Egyptians were pioneers in using flowers for decoration. Carvings from 2,500 BCE show beautifully arranged cut flowers in containers. These floral arrangements were often used in funeral processions and burials. Flowers were also given symbolic and religious implications by the Egyptians, with water lilies devoted to the goddess Isis.

Ancient Greece and Rome: Flower growing for ornamental purposes was a passion for the Mediterranean empires of Greece and Rome. Flowers were used in various settings, including funerals, marriages, banquets, and celebrations. They preferred wreaths and garlands ornamented with traditional flowers and greenery, as opposed to the Egyptians. Laurel wreaths, in particular, were prized trophies in ancient Olympic competitions.

Middle Ages: Flower arrangement was a specialised practice in mediaeval Europe, mainly carried out by monks with access to gardens. Flowers gradually made their way back into popular culture, appearing in artwork and literature. Crusaders returned from the Middle East with exotic flowers.

Japan: Around 600 years ago, the art of Ikebana, a simple yet emotionally expressive type of flower arranging, was born in Japan. 

Renaissance Period: The Renaissance period saw a rise in interest in flower arrangements, with exquisite floral designs appearing in paintings and artworks.

Ancient China: Chinese flower arranging dates back to 200 BCE, with an emphasis on religious importance. Flowers were used to decorate Buddhist, Taoist, and Confucian altars, and floral imagery was used to decorate other parts of Chinese culture. Flowers were carefully chosen for their symbolic connotations, with bamboo and peach trees representing longevity and peonies representing riches and good fortune.

Victorian Era: Victorians were famous for their obsession with flowers, which they saw as a mark of elegance and sophistication. Their floral design approach was defined by densely packed, Fresh Flower Bouquet that frequently ignored colour coordination and symmetry.

A Brief History of Floristry

The art of floristry originated in Eastern traditions as a technique to attractively design flowers for gift-giving to loved ones.

Floral design styles evolved over time in numerous parts of the world, including Europe, Japan, and China. This progression enabled floristry to become a recognised and formalised enterprise.

Oriental floral design placed a major emphasis on the beautiful lines of flowers in the East. It emphasised the skilled merging of flowers and foliage to achieve a beautiful and balanced appearance. Their philosophical ideals of harmony and unity were expressed in this method.

Western floral design, on the other hand, with its traditional approach, prized the use of flowers as a whole. It used asymmetry to add rhythm and creativity to the mix of blossoms and greens.

Floristry had its commercial debut in the Netherlands in the mid-nineteenth century. As decorative items, merchants began to offer pre-made Fresh Flower Bouquet to customers. The market grew over time to incorporate wholesale flower orders and floral care items.

Freshly collected blossoms and customised arrangements for various events depending on client preferences were available at retail establishments.

The Best Long-Lasting Cut Flowers

Creating beautiful cut flower arrangements that last is all about selecting the appropriate blossoms. Here are some good options for long-lasting cut flowers:

Peruvian Lily (Alstroemeria aurea): Also called Alstroemeria, these flowers are a popular choice for cut arrangements. The flowers blossom from late spring to early summer, lasting 6-14 days in a vase. Be advised that the tap water should be allowed to sit for several hours before use of it since they are ‘fluoride fluoride-sensitive.

Carnation (Dianthus caryophyllus): In addition, carnations are easy to grow from seeds. Available in different colours with an enticing clove-like odour. They come in a variety of colours and have a pleasant clove-like aroma. Cut carnations can be enjoyed late into the autumn if properly cared for.

Delphinium (Delphinium x elatum): Known for their brilliant blue and purple hues, delphiniums are a distinctive choice. They also appear in white and pink, although they like cool, damp summers and may not survive in hot, humid areas. Cutting the flower stalks as soon as they bloom encourages repeat flowering.

English Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia): English lavender is ideal for drying as well as fresh cutting. Arranging it in the vase without adding water allows it to dry naturally and retain its smell. Remove submerged leaves from water to prevent decay. English lavender, when freshly cut, can last for up to ten days.

These flower choices are great for making stunning and long-lasting cut flower bouquets.

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