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Hampi has remained in the bucket list for long of almost everyone who has planned to visit hampi and karnataka. This place has the whole thing that may perhaps feasibly pull us in the direction of itself – the tale of a lost empire, architectural wonders from our earlier period that we could vaunt of and a rough yet attractive scene. Hampi remaining as a UNESCO World Heritage site was an additional lure. So Hampi had to be in your tour as soon as you visit Karnataka.

Hampi, the historic and mythic city is situated in the state of Karnataka. From the city of Bengaluru, the remoteness of Hampi is about 365 kilometres and from the famous place of Hyderabad, it is 380 kilometres. So, you can with no trouble way in the place from both Bengaluru and Hyderabad. Hospet also known as Vijayanagara is the closest town. Thus, Hampi can serve up as a boundless take a break terminus from both Bangalore and Hyderabad.

Hampi is still basic, in spite of its reputation. Take adequate amount of money in your pocket, particularly the lesser currencies. The closest ATM is at Kamalapura which is about 3 kms away from Hampi and that could many at times run out of cash. The subsequent alternative is at Hospet which is 10 kms far away! Establishments with credit card swiping service is very rare.

Bangalore to Hampi train prices 

Hospet junction (HPT) for Hampi is the closest railway station. Book your train permit to Hospet and take a provincial means of transport to Hampi village.

Following are the details of Bangalore to Hospet Passenger Train:

For Sleeper Class is Rs 205, and for Unreserved is Rs 95.

Vasco Da Gama Express, train from Hyderabad to Hospet has the following price:

For Second AC is Rs 1070, for Third AC is Rs 743, for Sleeper class is Rs 275, and for Unreserved is Rs 145.

Details for Amaravati Express, train from Goa to Hospet are as:

For Second AC is Rs 900, for Third AC is Rs 628, for Sleeper is Rs 235, and for Unreserved is Rs 114.

Bus Service to Hampi

The Intercity bus prices to Hospet town, the closest bus station for Hampi.

You can reserve seats for the bus to hampi through online bus register portals.

The fare charges for hospet are as follows: 

From Bangalore to Hospet for the AC Sleeper in KSRTC is Rs 630, and for Regular Express in KSRTC is Rs 330.

same from Hyderabad to Hospet for the AC Sleeper Volvo bus is Rs 800.

From Goa or Panaji to Hospet for the AC Sleeper in KSRTC is Rs 700.

Local Transport to Hampi 

Local buses engage in every 30 minutes from Hospet bus station or near to Hospet Railway station to Hampi. Auto Rickshaw or tuk-tuk is one more decent choice for the local transport.

From Hospet Railway station to Hampi, the Local bus charges Rs 25, Auto Rickshaw charges Rs 200 fare from Hospet to Hampi. Auto Rickshaw fare on share basis from Hospet to Hampi is about Rs 20. The auto rickshaws wait on patiently in a line up just exterior of the Hospet railway station. And that transforms into a mess up when the train gets up there. Ask for and settle i.e., negotiate for the price before you jump and get inside the auto rickshaw.

There are everyday shared auto rickshaw facilities between the Hospet town and Kamalapura village at the outer reaches of Hampi. These shared facilities are obviously inexpensive.

It takes long time consuming rides than the usual Auto Rickshaw ride which is about 20 to 30 minutes ride as the auto rickshaw driver halts very much from time to time to pick and drop passengers on the way.

But this shared auto rickshaw ride is as good as with the time the local bus takes and inexpensive than the regular Auto Rickshaw rental. Most of the persons along for the ride would be additional tourists taking precedence to Hampi village or the local village dwellers – every now and then with their little farm animals too. Not a regretful way to rejuvenate your hampi adventure with a boom!

Bicycle & Moped Rental

You can rent a Bicycle at Rs 100 per day, a 50cc Moped at  Rs 250 per day and a 100cc Scooter or Motor bike at Rs 400 per day. The petrol around Rs 100 per litre sold in the vicinity in bottles and on the genuine rate at the fuel station in Kamalapura.

Rentals usually falls and are available a discount of 50% during off season.

The mopeds are 50 cc two wheelers without shift gearings, just suitable to carry two normal sized riders. Advanced powered Bullet bikes too are accessible for a higher rent rate.


Hampi is a must visit touristic place from bangalore. as described it has so many devotes destination as well as entertainment destination. hampi is best for affordable travelling near bangalore. I can surely say that you will never regret come to hampi. you can have best deal and offer for your hampi tour from banglaore.

I hope you liked the article above and you might get benefitted for your research on hampi. if you love reading the article you can express your love in comment section.

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