Guidelines to Submit the Content

Must Follow Guidelines:

  1. Thin content, content promoting any product or spin content on Havily is not acceptable. (We can delete the following contents any time). With quality content always welcome.
  2. Mention the targeted keyword in Article and make sure the search volume is good. 
  3. 2 images are mandatory. One is the featured image and one about Article. The size must be 768×380. Ensure that the image is not copyrighted. 
  4. Content length should be a minimum of 850 words.
  5. Content should be 100% unique, no plagiarism allowed.
  6. Proper use of headings and subheading in the Article
  7. The Article should have proper Meta tags like Meta title and Meta Description.
  8. You are allowed only for 1 External link.
  9. The Article must end up with a conclusion.
  10. Your Article must be related to our categories (categories on website).

How to submit your content?

If you have read above guideline please click on register and login to submit your content.

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