Great Ideas for Mobile App Development to Launch in 2021 for Startups

It’s not easy to come up with ideas for millions of dollars. The app concept is the key to building a successful app just after you find one of the top mobile app development agencies …

Mobile App Development Ideas

It’s not easy to come up with ideas for millions of dollars. The app concept is the key to building a successful app just after you find one of the top mobile app development agencies with the top mobile app developers to hire a team.

Can’t decide on unique ideas for your app? Here in this article, we will cover unique and trendy ideas for app creation in 2021. 

App for Voice Translation

One of the principal concerns of traveling abroad is not knowing the country’s language and the struggles with the native population. An application that can translate your voice is a revolutionary way for tourists to communicate. The words can be translated into the desired language by telephone. The app also needs to work in a way to translate other languages into your language in real-time. 

Food Planner and Health Checkup App

This app checks your health every day and suggests you eat properly to stay healthy. It links you to the many healthy recipes provided by professional chef bloggers. You can choose your content according to your health situation, because, for example, if you are a diabetic patient, recipes healthy for diabetic patients are recommended. The app can partner with foodstuffs to deliver goods directly from the app online.

Shopping Mall Navigation App

A digital mall navigation map stores all the shopping centers in the region onto the digital map and can be used to navigate through the center and in directions. Especially useful for larger malls, where users can find an accurate store or even restaurant status, a car park, or a crowding mall with the help of the application.

Fitness App

A healthy web application for healthcare-conscious people to monitor registered nutritionists, pathologists, and health coaches for the risk of lifestyle disorders in the end.

The application would be equipped with multiple charts that assist users in managing their health – such as weight, sugar, heart rate, blood pressure, etc. Users also have different meal charts, lifestyle plans, and nutrition plans according to their condition. It will also integrate with chat facilities that enable users and health professionals to talk to the community.

Virtual Group Study App

Students may meet on a common forum with others studying for the same topic and prepare for their exams. The app can supply study material, tools, conversation supports, guides, etc.

Enhanced Reality Application That Helps You Design Your Room

One thing that matters when you buy furniture or any interior decoration is whether the product fits your room and where it looks best. An augmented reality app can help you design your room and enable you to use your camera and place 3D models on your phone with different items and furnishings in the virtual space. The app can even work with a number of shopping sites and can be ordered directly from the application by the user.

Change into PDF Through Scanning 

Instead of going to a shop to scan and then convert your documents into pdf. A scan and save it to pdf can help you keep your mobile phones secure with important data such as receipts, documents, report cards, notes, whiteboard. You can quickly scan and store your documents and then send them as PDF or JPEG multipage files.

Train Tracking App

Metropolitan cities citizens rely heavily on trains to their destinations. If the trains are late you can’t know if you are to wait or consider an alternative way to reach your destination. It can be incredibly disruptive. A train tracking application can give you the exact time of the train so you can take a bus or a taxi if you experience an emergency and the train is late.

Criminal Catching App

It is difficult to remember when you watch a missing person or a wanted criminal face on TV. Moreover, there’s a chance to meet a stranger who’s a criminal and you don’t know. An application idea is such that the app warns you about criminals in your area – to save a life and help you catch a culprit.

Tracing Contact App

This application is designed in order to help the government track the contact chain of a user diagnosed with Coronavirus to find the source and possible distribution of the infection. A real-time contact tracking application enables users to view the affected COVID areas and global statistics.

These apps are used by governments worldwide to combat COVID-19. See the top contact apps for tracking.

Real-Time Fuel Delivery App

A person who needs fuel without going to the fuel station for his vehicle. The person is able to select the location of his car or the app. With the help of the integrated map in the app, a fuel truck driver can navigate to the marked location. He will replenish the car while ensuring that all safety regulations are kept.


After reading this article you surely get ideas to launch the app in 2021. There are lots of other app ideas too that you can launch for your startup. You can create an app on your own or you can also take help from one of the top mobile app development agencies for better app creation. 
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