Grab The Attention Of Foodies With Striking Color Nugget Boxes


It has become hard for brands to get recognition and establish a separate identity in the competitive environment. Being an owner of a bakery, you must know how difficult it is to get a prominent position. Are you a newbie struggling to bring forward your brand by selling the tastiest nuggets? But sales need to be improved? Yes! So where did you go wrong? You must alter the brand’s strategy and work on the product’s packaging. Nowadays, food lovers taste their favorite bakery items through their eyes by seeing their packaging. Stay with us. This blog will tell you how vibrant color printed box packaging helps sales improve and creates a positive brand image.

Give Secure Storage to Delicious Nuggets with Full-Sealed Nugget Boxes wholesale

It’s a fact that the presentation of the products creates a first impression regarding the brand’s image. You must keep in mind that boxes must be functional and provide shelter to nuggets against all external odds. Nuggets need extra protection while packing. Either these are baked or unbaked. You must be careful about the box’s design when you pack frozen or cooked nuggets. Plenty of box designs exist. You must choose an appropriate style box that gives an appealing look and stores nuggets safely. However, we suggest choosing a fully sealed nugget box for air-tight packaging. This box’s design is covered completely with a lid. That’s why there is zero probability of entering any toxic substance or air inside the box and damaging the food. The risk of food contamination due to moisture is eliminated with sealed packaging.

Choose Kraft and Cardboard Paper for Sustainable Box Packaging

The sustainability of the box plays a pivotal part in enhancing the shelf life of bakery items. Nuggets packaging of quality material adds strength to the box and preserves the freshness of bakery items for a longer time. There exist a lot of material options for nugget box manufacturing. You cannot pick any one of them without any knowledge. The wrong material can destroy the overall worth of your bakery brand and spoil the product’s quality. We recommend selecting kraft and cardboard paper. These are 100% biodegradable and have nought dangerous effects on human health and the environment. Cardboard paper is sturdy, tear-resistant and retains the aroma of the yummiest nuggets. The plus point about kraft and cardboard is their cost-effectiveness.

Print Cardboard Nugget Boxes with Captivating Artwork and Graphics

Printed chicken nugget boxes are a wonderful strategy to catch the attention of buyers. Cardboard is the most preferred choice as it is viable for prints and laminations. You can depict beautiful and catchy illustrations related to the bakery products and coat them with multi-color prints. Besides, printed boxes are also a good way to make nugget packaging informative. You can add a detailed description of the product, including ingredients, price and expiry date, etc. however, if there are frozen nuggets packed inside the box, you can write down the instructions regarding the baking of nuggets. Lastly, do mention your bakery brand’s specifications and famous products to create awareness among the viewers.

Enhance the Vibrancy of Prints with Food Grade Laminations

The use of coatings and laminations adds durability and creates striking color prints. Gloss lamination is regarded as the most appropriate choice for food packaging. The gloss finish gives a very unique and shiny touch to the box’s packaging. It reflects the light and makes printed colors more intense and vivid. However, if you have recycled the box and given pure natural vibes to the nuggets packaging. At that point, aqueous coating is the most suitable and cost-effective option. Aqueous is eco-friendly and endurable to fingerprints, marks and scratches, etc., like matt and gloss, the aqueous coating gives a satin, shiny texture.

Create Promotional Nugget Box with the Brand’s Logo Design

Another biggest advantage of customization is its role in the brand’s promotion. Companies are coming up with a lot of techniques to make their brand’s products distinguishable. The advertisement campaigns are highly time and money-consuming. Printed nugget boxes are the cheapest strategy for a brand’s advertisement. Nugget packaging printed with the specific logo of the company will automatically outstand a particular company’s products and sets it apart from the rest. You can foil stamp the logo image to make the design more appealing and prominent.

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