Good Home Exterior Lighting – The Benefits and How to Maximize It

In Goa, outdoor lighting should always be given the same consideration and importance as indoor lighting. Whether you reside in a single-family home, a townhouse, or in a condominium, having well-lit surroundings is extremely important. …

outdoor lighting

In Goa, outdoor lighting should always be given the same consideration and importance as indoor lighting. Whether you reside in a single-family home, a townhouse, or in a condominium, having well-lit surroundings is extremely important. Luxury real estates properties in Goa are often beautified with elegant outdoor lighting. Exterior lighting especially in villas in Goa with gardens has so many more benefits in terms of beauty as well as the vibe they exude. In fact, Airbnbs, hotels, and resorts that are thoughtfully lit are extremely popular among both, holidayers and locals in Goa.

Benefits of Outdoor Lighting for your home

Here are a few advantages of good outdoor lighting: 

–     Elevated Aesthetic: 

The beauty of your luxury villa shouldn’t just be admired in the daytime. Outdoor lighting aids in drawing special attention to the various appealing features after sundown, too. It illuminates pathways and creates an enchanting ambiance too. It basically enhances the energy and natural beauty of your home. Certain lights such as floodlights that are positioned at a specific angle can also help bring about more depth and interest. In Goa, people also tastefully light up the mango trees or coconut trees in their gardens to give it a night-time fairy-land appeal.

–     Increased safety and security: 

Unlike the metro cities that have a majority working population, Goa has plenty of elderly folks and children. In fact, people from cities buy luxury villas in Goa for their parents and kids to enjoy vacations or retire. Due to the hot, humid temperatures, the evenings are usually the best time for some outdoor entertainment. Hence, proper outdoor lighting ought to be present so that the pathways are clearly visible and it allows everyone to move about safely. Outdoor post-mounted lanterns, wall lights, step lights, and path lights beautify the property so much more too.

–     Enhanced Home Value: 

Professional outdoor and landscape lighting can highlight various elements or make an area seem larger than it actually is. Lighting adds beauty as well as increases the usability of the outdoors during dark hours. Whether your ideal evening includes a candlelight meal, a bonfire picnic, or casual seating out under the stars, a well-lit exterior would definitely set the mood right.  When it comes to selling your home, too, potential buyers stay away from shady-looking property and prefer those that look just as good at night as it does during the day.

Above all, these benefits definitely hold true. The mere presence of exterior lighting makes the outdoors so much more lively. In order to make the most out of it, your outdoor lighting scheme ought to be strategically designed and executed.

Decide what fixtures work best: 

Once you decide the key elements that enhance your place the right kind of exterior lighting fixture would level up the space all the more. Here are some exterior fixtures you can consider for your home:

Bollard lights – vertical post lights that are used to light up steps, long driveways, and architectural paths; 

Path lights – lights that are quite similar to bollard lights but are however much smaller in stature;

Uplights – lights that are used for highlighting villa aspects such as greenery, pool, and flagpoles are becoming a whole lot more popular these days.

Balance in Security and Aesthetics

All the dark areas in your villa’s connected garden have to be well lit. This could be for safety purposes as well as additional beauty. Just like indoor lighting, think about the various kinds of light that could be added into your home’s outside arena such as general lights, specific lights, accent lights, etc. While you’re assessing where you’re placing your light, be sure to also assess the beam’s angles. Direct lighting isn’t always suitable for all cases. Diffused or ambient lighting would be a better alternative. 

Figure out your Outdoor Lighting Style: 

First, decide exactly how you want your outdoor lighting to be. Bright and loud so that it’s similar to your villa’s indoor lighting? Or a bit dim and subtle for a softer touch and vibe altogether. Once you’ve figured out your outdoor lighting style, you can then equip your villa’s outdoor surroundings accordingly. Just like furniture, there is a wide variety of lighting styles that can be placed at different angles.  

Exterior Light Ratings: 

It’s important to ensure that the lighting you choose is suitable for the location in which you stay. All exterior lighting especially here in Goa should compulsorily be wet-rated or damp-rated so as to ensure that it’ll continuously work and not conk off even during the heavy monsoon weather. Most importantly, be sure that your electronic equipment is safe for the environment and helps in reducing light pollution

Take a simple walk around your home at night and simply analyze. Figure out the spots in your garden that would or would not require light, the brightness or focus of light required, and so on. By doing so, you’ll not only just add light to your villa’s exterior but also add on to your property’s aesthetic and beauty. 

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