Get Expert Beard Transplant in London

The last couple of years have seen numerous people seeking the services of beard transplants in London with an interest in obtaining a denser and more mature-looking beard. Several of London’s elite hospitals can help ensure people look good and feel great.

Why Beard Transplants Are Popular

Nowadays, many desire an attractive, thick beard. However, not all individuals are born blessed with such a personality. This is when beard transplants get into play, and Harley Street Healthcare is the preferred spot for it. There has been an increase in those who ask for beard transplants in London on their part in the last five years, and each person likes having a stylish and attractive beard.

Skilled Surgeons Make a Difference

Excellent surgeons at Harley Street Healthcare have expertise in performing beard transplants in London. While the surgeons focus on the details, it is important to know that they do so to ensure that the process works for all the right reasons to make you look good and feel better about yourself.

Clear and Affordable Prices

Prices in Harley Street Healthcare are fair and straightforward. This is due to them having various options based on their distinct needs. Here’s how they break it down:

  • Small Package (Up to 500 Grafts / 1,000 Hairs): Total price £1,999. Four grafts – £3.99 each.
  • Medium Package (Up to 1,000 Grafts / 2,000 Hairs): £ 3.99 for every graft, therefore a total price of £ 3999
  • Large Package (Up to 1,500 Grafts / 3,000 Hairs): At £3.53 per graft, £5,299 total price.
  • Extra Large Package (Up to 2,000 Grafts / 4,000 Hairs): £70/graft, £5999 total.
  • Super Size Package (Up to 3,000 Grafts / 6,000 Hairs): The total price is £6,799, i.e. £2.27 per graft.
  • Mega Size Package (Up to 3,500 Grafts / 7,000 Hairs): The price of each graft is £2.11 and the total cost is £7,399
  • VIP Package (Unlimited Grafts in A Single Day): £12,000

However, it is good that they do not charge hidden costs. That is, you will see exactly what you are paying for.

Easy Payment Options

As such, Harley Street Healthcare understands the importance of cash and provides monthly installments for selected packages. As such, more people can acquire their desired beards without straining. Just call and find out how they are paying monthly.

Contact Us

If you decide to have your beard transplant in London, it has got to be at Harley Street Healthcare. All you need to do is get a phone and call us on our toll-free line number, 0207 030 3364, to have a conversation. Transforming lives, one beard at a time. Expert care is made affordable with Harley Street Healthcare.


Losing facial hair may occur for various reasons, and is well known in London, including a clinic in Harley Street. This may be because of health problems such as autoimmune disease and fungus. The staff at Harley Street Healthcare will assist in getting your beard back and boosting self-confidence regardless of the cause for it.

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