Five-level advanced guide for office pens ranging from a few USD to ten thousand USD

Whether it is an enterprise or a hospital or a school, what is the most consumed office supplies for daily purchases? It’s nothing more than paper and office pens. After all, drafting copy, signing, and …

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Whether it is an enterprise or a hospital or a school, what is the most consumed office supplies for daily purchases? It’s nothing more than paper and office pens. After all, drafting copy, signing, and leadership instructions must be presented on the paper through the tip of the pen. So what is the difference between a small office pen?

Whether in a company or in an enterprise or institution, a careful friend will find that as the level increases, the office pens commonly used by employees at each level are different, from as low as a few USD to a single pen of 10,000 USD, then these How to classify office pens, and how should the workplace novice distinguish them by using office pens? Today we start with the classification of office pens to bring you a five-level advanced guide.

1. Classification of office pens

A small office pen can be roughly divided into fountain pens, ballpoint pens, pencils, markers, and solid pens and dip pens that are not commonly used in corporate offices according to structure and material. Let me talk about the solid pens that are not commonly used in corporate offices. They include the chalk commonly used in schools and the oil pastels commonly used by art students; while the dip pens are more traditional, such as the traditional Chinese brush pens, the quill pens and glass pens commonly used in the West. Class scope.

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The fountain pens commonly used in corporate office are actually our common pen products. Although the writing is smooth and beautiful, it is not easy to store and carry. Nowadays, companies seldom make purchases, and most of them are purchased and used by employees.

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The most common types of office pens purchased by companies are pencils, markers, and ballpoint pens. The choice of pencils mainly depends on the user’s habit of pencil core softness and hardness. The hardness of the pencil core is between 9B~10H. Marker pens are mainly divided into whiteboard pens using water-based dye ink and marker pens using pigment ink. Of course, the common highlighter pens in our office materials also belong to this type of product.

2. Are there any differences between office pens?

After years of development, a small ballpoint pen has actually developed into a huge category. After all, this is the best-selling pen product in the world. According to the nature of the ink, we can roughly divide it into oil-based pens, water-based pens, and gel pens. As well as the four types of erasable ballpoint pens, although the prices are slightly different, the writing effect and users are quite different.

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The ballpoint pen achieves the writing function by rolling out the writing medium by the ball of the pen tip. Oil-based pens are the first products of this type to appear on the market. Since there is no stable ink transfer structure between the ink in the refill and the nib ball (the capillary structure of the pen tip fin design), the early ballpoint pens are more sticky. Thick oily ink to prevent ink leakage from the nib, and control the thickness of the handwriting to be consistent. The oil-based pens are mostly blue-collar workers in the factory. Not only can they use them under various conditions, but the most important thing is that their oil-based inks can temporarily act as lubricants.

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With the advancement of technology, the ball of the ballpoint pen tip becomes more and more precise. Even the more fluid water-based dye ink can be used. The more fluid ink can impregnate the paper faster, which has changed the problem of the previous oil-based pen. In order to distinguish this kind of ballpoint pens in the market, they are called water-based pens.

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In order to ensure the consistency of water-based pen nib ink, it can be divided into refill products and straight-liquid products. The former is similar to the watercolor pens we use, and the material such as sponge is used as the carrier of the ink to control the stable output of the ink; the latter is through the nib The capillary structure similar to the fin design ensures the normal flow rate of the ink. The straight-liquid ballpoint pen is used for signature writing because of its uniform ink output, and the thicker handwriting is used for signature writing, while the thinner product is mostly used for drawing in the design industry. Save with Amazon Promo Code NHS, NHS Amazon Discount Code, And Amazon promo code NHS

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Gel pens are the most popular office pens purchased by companies today. Gel pens first emerged in Japan, and later became popular with the public for their simple structure and stable writing quality. Compared with the other two predecessors, gel pens are the most popular. The main reason is that the viscosity of the ink used is between water and oil, so it looks more like an oil-based pen because it can use a refill structure, and the writing effect is more like a water-based pen. You can submit your guest post article at Write for us

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The erasable ballpoint pen is a kind of product that has been on the market in recent years. This type of product has the dual advantages of a ballpoint pen and a pencil. It is easy to write and can be erased. The ink is mainly made of special ink. The main erasable ballpoint pens on the market are mainly It is microcapsule erasable pens. This type of product uses microspheres to wrap the pigments. The particle size of the microspheres is larger than the gap of the paper fiber, so the microsphere pigments can be easily erased by the eraser. It can also be stored for a long time without fading!

3. Office pen and ink are the core

Through the above introduction, I believe that everyone has a more comprehensive understanding of office pens, but in the final analysis, the development of pens is still limited by the difference in ink. The price is higher, so when purchasing office supplies, what kind of office pen should we use?

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This still depends on the specific usage scenarios, such as frequent meeting records or work records, you can use an erasable ballpoint pen, you can get a good writing feel, you can also erase and modify; if it is used for signing For office pens, it is recommended to use gel pens or water-based pens with pigment inks. The writing can be stored for a longer time; if the working environment is harsh, we recommend purchasing oil-based pens, which have the best ink stability and will not be due to transition The phenomenon of blooming caused by dampness ensures the integrity of the information.

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