Everything you need to know about Pedestal clocks

The Pedestal color changing Pedestal clock seems to be like a clear plastic sphere. It is with a white insert.

It comes with easy and convenient controls for the soothing sound of the Pedestal. It really freshens up the mind when it buzzers in the morning. 

Features of a pedestal clock

The Auto repeat and auto shut off feature 

The pedestal clock is quite praiseworthy. 

  • The clock holds another great feature adjustable snooze
  • Can be adjusted from 1 to 60 minutes
  • The clock with its ear-soothing beep tends to wake up everyone in the house in just one blow. 

The cheap pedestal clocks display accurate time and date. 

Other factors of clock 

The fancy small clock is perfect, especially for the children’s room. 

  • The Pedestal product runs on batteries 
  • the modal is so small and compact 
  • It won’t consume enough space of your cabinet or table.
  • You can move it around the room without worrying about seeking a free plug.
  • The color-changing lights feature of the clock really appealing.


  • In addition it, the soothing natural sound of the clock 
  • is quite mind-freshening, especially during the mornings. 
  • The kids enjoy listening to those sounds and watching the lights. 
  • You can also set the amount of time of the sound play 

The thermometer function of the Pedestal by clock manufacturer is yet another quality feature. 

The Pedestal clock features a Large and easily readable LCD display

The stylish and attractive design 

The clock has really appealing look. The functions of the clock are a bit confusing. 

It requires a manual to operate.

The time-watching element is a bit disappointing as you can only read the time when the light is flashing.

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