Easy Steps to Set up a Backyard Camping Site for Kids

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We all love going camping and spending our days in tents and sleeping bags, but with that being said camping is not an easy task. Packing all the essentials in a backpack and spending days and nights outside can be tough. And having kids just adds a new level of difficulty to the whole experience.

Camping with kids is surely fun but living outside with them in the sun or rain may result in a disaster very quickly. Moreover, not every kid likes the idea of spending time in unknown surroundings, and putting them into one will only result in making them more nervous and anxious. But on the other hand, camping is extremely beneficial for kids as it improves both their mental and physical health while giving them an opportunity to learn new skills.

The pros and cons of camping can put parents of small preteen kids in a dilemma of whether it will be the right thing to take kids out camping. This is where backyard camping enters the picture. Backyard camping is just like general camping but from the comfort of your own home. Moreover, it also eliminates the chance of kids wandering off in unknown surroundings. All that you need to do is buy some camping equipment like tents, coolers, camping chairs, or a sleeping bag, you can also buy camping gazebos in NZ as they work great if you are hosting a backyard camping event for a somewhat big group of people.

Some steps for setting up a backyard camping setup

  • Set up camps aka tents – When we think of camping trips, the first thing that comes to our mind is tents, in short, a camping experience is completely incomplete without tents. Use tents of various sizes so that kids get the choice of whether they want to spend the night on their own or with their friends. It is also extremely important to place plenty of sleeping mattresses and pillows throughout the place so that the kids feel comfortable while going through this experience of living outside. Pro tip: keep a few sleeping bags handy in case any kid wants to sleep in one.
  • Decorate the entire campsite – Decorating the campsite nicely is extremely when it comes to backyard camping because this is one of those things that will be really helpful in encouraging kids to participate in this exciting experience. Set up some picnic blankets on the ground where the kids would sit throughout the day, put up some fairy lights in the entire backyard so that it creates a nice soothing environment during the night, or you can also put up some hammocks and camp chairs for the kids to lounge around. Moreover, you can also use some colorful sleeping bags, which will make the whole setup look more attractive to kids.
  • Set up a scavenger hunt – A scavenger hunt is such a game that is ideal for people of all ages and it can be really engaging for kids. Hide different items like camping snacks or chocolates in general all around the backyard, create a hand-drawn map of the place, and hand over a list and copy of the map to the kids. But it is important to remember that this game should only be played at noon or generally during any time when there is still light outside because playing this game in the dark can result in injuries or other problems.
  • Play games – Games are a great way of engaging kids as they are fun and also help the kids in staying around one fixed place without feeling bored. You can bring out some board games that you already have at home, or you can also arrange for games like a three-legged race and a marble and spoon race. You can also arrange for a family tournament of games like badminton or baseball.
  • Set up a stargazing session – Spotting is a therapeutic activity for people of any age but when it comes to kids and preteens this can also turn into a learning and educational experience. Just imagine the amount of knowledge they will be able to gain when they take a peak into our vast galaxy. Set up a telescope in the backyard or just buy one if you don’t own one already because having a telescope at home can be helpful. If investing in a telescope feels like a big expense then you can also use different apps that help in spotting stars from a far away distance. Pro tip: tell the kids to prepare a list of all the stars that they spot on the entire camp night.
  • Cook outside – The real feel of camping is in cooking outside on portable stoves or camping kitchens, but when you are camping in your own backyard you can also use a grill or simply cook on the firepit. But whichever way you choose, cooking outside while camping outside is definitely fun and it is a must-try for all campers. Don’t pick any tough dish, pick something simple that way you will still be able to have fun while arranging the food. You can also set up a whole dining set up outside with some camping gazebos in NZ, they are big, spacious, and can be ideal for a big group of people. Set up some camping chairs and camping tables, a put some lanterns for a nice calming setup.

Final thoughts

Backyard camping can be a good option for those parents who want to take their kids out on a camping trip but are hesitant due to the involvement of spending days and nights in unknown surroundings. This type of camping is exciting and fun and most importantly it is safe because it is done from the security of your own home. Moreover, it is also extremely easy to set up a backyard camping setup and you can also you can even do it by just using some tents, sleeping bags, and some fairy lights, even Christmas from the last Christmas will work just fine.

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